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Fall Shows in Paris

October 14, 2009

Teaming up with Yamaha, Steinberg France is demoing the latest hardware and software at two successive shows in Paris.

On October 20–22, 2009, Steinberg and Yamaha are sharing Booth J59 at the Siel-Satis-Radio show to present H/S solutions for live production and broadcasting. Here you get the chance to check out Nuendo 4 ’twixt a DM-1000 digital console and the brand-new Dante interface.

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A week later, on October 30–31, 2009, Steinberg and Yamaha are to be found at the Mix Move Sessions. Marvel at our freshest product yet, the CI2 USB studio jacked into a notebook running the included Cubase AI 5, in addition to the MR816 FireWire interfaces and quality CC121 controller looking their best with our Cubase 5 and Nuendo 4 flagships. But it’s not all drool and ogle, Steinberg is hosting four seminars that could help you learn everything you’ll ever have to know about Advanced Integration between Cubase and the MR816 and CC121 hardware.

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