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Iconica Sections & Players out now

June 26, 2018

Iconica Sections & Players is the new orchestral sample library for HALion. We teamed up with Orchestral Tools to turn this one into a reality, and boy, does it sound great! Yes, news articles usually have purely informative character, but we just can't hold back our excitement about this one. Hearing is believing, right? You'd best head over to the Iconica pages to listen to it for yourself.

Key features

  • More than 150 GB of exclusive orchestral samples recorded by 76 musicians together with Orchestral Tools in the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin.
  • The orchestra is made up of four large sections, each comprising several instruments for strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass.
  • Iconica Sections & Players features the state-of-the-art Adaptive True Legato technique.
  • The Tuning Scale function allows you to tune Iconica Sections & Players to a number of different scales.
  • All the instruments in Iconica Sections & Players were recorded with a range of different microphone positions.
  • Iconica’s high-end sound and VST 3 standard keep compositions at the cutting edge.

Check out Iconica Sections & Players

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