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Interview with sound designer Dave Polich

May 31, 2013

Dave Polich has been working for more than two decades as a professional sound designer and is known as one of the most experienced synthesizer programmers in the world. Michael Jackson hired him as his master sound designer for the This Is It tour. For many years Polich has also been programming the Motif and other synthesizers for Yamaha. He has also been involved in the programming of the HALion Sonic library. A synthesizer veteran, Polich knows all the characteristic details of instruments from the '70s and '80s, which has also made him develop an impressive feeling for the legendary analog sound of the past. This can be clearly heard in the new Vintage Classics VST Sound Instrument Set for the virtual-analog Retrologue synthesizer from Steinberg. We talked to Dave Polich about his work as sound designer and the challenge of reproducing classic synthesizer sounds.

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