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Joining Forces with the Maldives Breakout Festival

July 18, 2009

The Maldives Breakout Festival was created to give emerging talent a platform to reach a wider audience and generate industry exposure needed to successfully develop their UK and international careers, making available all of the resources and putting the unsigned bands as the focal point of the festival.

Two UK Breakout shows were held at the 1,000 capacity O2 Academy Islington (London) on the 16 and 30 November of last year, where 24 bands performed and were broadcast to a world-wide audience, who voted for their best act, song and artist.

This year, Steinberg will be joining forces with the festival in order to record the live events in the UK, Europe and Asia and to provide band members with multi-track projects so that they can work on producing mixes of their live performances.

Nuendo was chosen as the DAW for the task in hand due to its rock-solid reliability, its highly flexible Control Room functionality — which, in this case, will be used to supply on-stage monitor mixes — and, of course, its incredible audio quality. All signals from the live-stage will be routed into Nuendo using 3 MR816 CSX interfaces. Again chosen for their sound quality, the MR816s will be used in a configuration to allow the monitor signals to have compression and EQ applied using the interface’s powerful DSP. This incredibly versatile Nuendo setup will allow the festival’s engineers to ensure that the on-stage monitor mix sounds exactly as the musicians require whilst ensuring that a clean audio signal is recorded to disk for application of effects and EQ later in the mixing process.

In order to further ensure reliability and to enable engineers to safely back-up and exchange files, the festival engineers will be hosting their Nuendo system on a Rain Recording PC running Windows XP complete with removable drive caddies. Further information and specifications of the Rain Recording machines can be found at

The festival will run into late October and Steinberg will be providing some great prizes for the most successful bands including a copy of Cubase 5 and, for one band, a mixdown session of their live material at London’s Nuendo-equipped British Grove recording studios.

For further details of the festival and event dates and locations, please check the website at

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