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LoopMash app update released

September 3, 2012

Steinberg is pleased to announce a new 1.2. update for its innovative iOS apps, LoopMash and LoopMash HD. This update lets you record and export your mashup, and it's completely free for existing customers! With the release of version 1.2 Steinberg also cuts the pricing of both apps by 50%.

LoopMash is a stripped-down version of the popular LoopMash virtual instrument featured in Cubase 6 and presents an innovative, extremely entertaining approach to mangling beats and tunes on your iPhone or iPod touch. With its studio-grade effects, an array of presets, top-notch content and user-friendly control, this app provides a deluge of possibilities to make music the fun and easy way.

LoopMash HD is an enhanced iPad version of LoopMash that comes with additional stunning live performance effects, including stutters, tape stops and scratches, and supports more tracks and scenes per preset than LoopMash.

The LoopMash 1.2 version is now available on the Apple App Store.*

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*Important: this update requires iOS 5.1. If you don't have iOS 5.1, don't install this update as it won't work.

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