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Michael Fakesch with new solo LP on Cubase

August 6, 2007

Michael Fakesch’s name has until now been almost exclusively been associated with the German electro duo Funkstörung. For over 10 years, Funkstörung produced some of the best electronic music in Germany, including remix work for international stars such as Björk and Wu-Tang Clan. As one of the most influential bands in the movement that later came to be dubbed Intelligent Dance Music, Michael Fakesch and the other half of Funkstörung, Chris de Luca, became part of the annals of music history.


After Funkstörung decided to split last year, Michael has been concentrating on his solo projects. On top of his work for film and TV projects, Michael’s second solo LP, "dos", has just been released on Berlin’s ultra-trendy !K7 label. While its intense and highly crafted use of audio editing and sound mangling is reminiscent of Michael’s earlier Funkstörung work, the new album is more song-orientated, with a dance floor-filling fusion of cutting-edge electronica with mouth-watering, body poppin’ modern funk and soul. Another highlight on the record: the impressive vocal talents of Taprikk Sweezee, whose effortlessly fluid, funky style helps take soul further into the future than ever before.


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