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New Training Center in Spain

April 18, 2012

PluginAudio becomes the first Steinberg Certified Training partner in Spain.
Their Cubase courses take place in Planta Sónica, the world renowned recording studio, which is located in the Galician city of Vigo.

PluginAudio hosts three levels of training (Elements, Artist and Pro). These sessions are held in fully equipped classrooms with Intel-based workstations. For convenience and signal-path quality, the classroom audio interfacing is handled by Steinberg's CI and latest UR series of audio interfaces.



At the Pro level the teaching is individual and includes 80 hours in a 5.1 professional environment plus another 20 hours of practical recording, mixing and mastering in the main studio.

With forthcoming intensive all-day masterclasses on WaveLab and HALion, Steinberg welcomes PluginAudio to the Training Partner programm.

Planta Sónica 2
Camposancos Road, 113
36213, Vigo (Spain)

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