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Now: Groove Agent 4 and Trial

August 20, 2014

After releasing the update to Groove Agent 4 last month, the full retail version is now available as well.

Groove Agent 4 is your go-to drum workstation that comes with drum modules for different acoustic and electronic drum styles. Together with its huge library, easy pattern programming, mixing drum tracks, a ton of effects and seamless integration with Cubase, Groove Agent 4 is a source of inspiration for musicians, composers and producers worldwide.

Check our product pages, the Steinberg Online Shop or head over to a dealer close to you to take a closer look at our latest drum studio software!

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A fully functional, 30-day trial version of Groove Agent 4 is now also readily available from our website. This is aimed at existing Steinberg customers with a USB-eLicenser as Groove Agent 4 Trial requires the dongle.

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