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Steinberg Elements Pack now available

September 19, 2011

Steinberg today introduces the Steinberg Elements Pack, a new software bundle which comprises Cubase Elements 6 and WaveLab Elements 7. The Steinberg Elements pack offers everything you need to create your music from the first take to the final CD — at an exceptional price.

Cubase Elements 6 turns your computer into a fully featured music production system. Its composing, recording and mixing tools are based on proven Cubase 6 technologies that professionals rely on worldwide. Cubase Elements 6 features 33 audio effect processors, including PitchCorrect for easy and automatic vocal correction. With the Groove Agent ONE beat production instrument, the Prologue synthesizer and the HALion Sonic SE workstation instrument, Cubase Elements 6 offers more than 550 instruments and sounds to supercharge your creativity.

WaveLab Elements 7 combines state-of-the-art audio technology from WaveLab 7 with a streamlined workflow and a comprehensive host of professional tools, delivering uncompromising quality when it comes to audio editing, restoration and podcasting. WaveLab Elements 7 also features an array of VST 3 plug-ins such as StudioEQ and VST Dynamics, superbly complemented by a premium restoration suite by Sonnox.

Steinberg Elements Pack is the perfect choice for aspiring producers and pretty much anybody who wants to record and edit music digitally. As a time limited offer, this attractive bundle is only available until end of this year. 

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