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Steinberg introduces Classroom Resource Pack

January 9, 2008

Steinberg is pleased to announce a new product for music education. Integrating up-to-the-minute software technology into a comprehensive music teaching package, the Classroom Resource Pack provides all necessary elements for teachers to deliver a wide range of innovative, modern music lessons.

Catering primarily for the age groups 11-18, the CRP supplies all required materials, templates, worksheets and much more - all in an easily navigable and highly usable package. The included 100 hours of fully prepared material has been meticulously prepared by teachers for teachers to cover aspects of music composition and performance as well as recording, production and technology. With its contemporary, modern outlook, the Classroom Resource Pack combines the best of traditional music teaching with the latest audio technology.

The Classroom Resource Pack contains all needed media files such as audio, MIDI, loops, videos - all integrated directly into the specially designed lesson plans. The custom-made interface guides you through each and every step, and provides fast and easy access to all the included materials, files, worksheets and Cubase projects.

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