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Steinberg Ships Nuendo SyncStation

January 14, 2010

Steinberg is pleased to announce that it begins shipping Nuendo SyncStation to distributors today. Nuendo SyncStation is a 19" rack-mount synchronizer for consistent synchronization, accurate phase lock and straightforward machine control of video and audio tape machines, DAW systems, house clock generators and other studio devices.

Letting workstations lock to tri-level/HD and SD video sync, distribute word clock signals up to 192 kHz and communicate with external machines (via MIDI Machine Control, Sony P2 9-Pin / RS422), the Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer may also be controlled from within the Nuendo DAW and provides many additional features such as, clock manipulation, GP interfacing and Varispeed.

Designed by industry legend Colin Broad and engineered to the highest standards of quality, Nuendo SyncStation delivers rock-solid performance and reliability to any studio environment.

Product availability may vary regionally.

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