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Steinberg Welcomes Bassist Hváll

January 20, 2010

Steinberg is excited to add Hváll, the bassist for the Norwegian band Vreid, to its artist roster! Vreid’s unique style, ranging from black metal to Norwegian folk music to seventies classic rock, has become increasingly successful over the last couple of years.

“I’m very pleased to endorse Steinberg products. To me, Steinberg is the synonym to quality. On all Vreid productions we have been working with Cubase on different levels, such as recording, editing and mixing. Even back in the Windir days we were working with Cubase. It is a reliable and efficient tool for our work,” comments Hváll.

“We are currently working on pre recordings for our next album. I am rebuilding my Studio 1184, and setting it up with the latest products of Steinberg. The whole next album will be produced on a Steinberg/Cubase platform. This gives me an extra boost before the next recording, and I am confident this will give us even stronger productions in the future,” Hváll continues.

Steinberg is looking forward to this close cooperation as well as providing Hváll with the Steinberg hardware and software needed to pursue his career for the years to come.

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