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Steinberg/Wizoo VSTi’s discontinued

January 2, 2008

Steinberg has today announced a change in the status of older products developed together with Wizoo Sound Design GmbH.


Previously a development partner of Steinberg, Wizoo has since been acquired by Digidesign. This acquisition ended the development partnership between Steinberg and Wizoo.


As per the agreement with Wizoo, Steinberg has formally ended distribution for all co-developed products on December 31 2007, including all that have not already been discontinued. This also means that there will be no further technical developments for the product versions listed below, which will then officially become ‘legacy’ products:

  • Virtual Bassist
  • Virtual Guitarist 2
  • Hypersonic 2
  • The Grand 2

Customers of these products will, of course, still be able to contact their Steinberg dealer or distributor for technical support.


We wish to restate that we are committed to safeguarding the investment of our customers: any customer who has purchased one of the products listed above will be able to either update to a new version or be able to purchase a crossgrade to a replacement Steinberg VSTi product when it is released.

Thank you very much for your continued custom and support! Customers with queries or comments can reach us at info[SB]

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