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Superbooth fair in Berlin

April 11, 2017

Based out of Berlin, Germany, Superbooth is an annual one-of-its-kind exhibition, taking place on April 20-22! Teaming up with our colleagues at Yamaha, we will be showcasing Cubase Pro 9, HALion 6 and you may even catch a first glimpse of the next iteration of Nuendo, to be released in June. There’ll be daily workshops on Cubase and HALion, and we can’t go without the mandatory demo stations at booth H311 for you to get your hands on the latest Steinberg products.

Another goodie we have in stock is our interview with German composer and producer of electronic music Bernd Kistenmacher, which is scheduled for the show’s first day at 3 p.m.

Visit for details and tickets.



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