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UR44 interface announced

November 11, 2013

Steinberg announces the UR44, a six-in, four-out USB audio interface that will be available in January 2014.

Providing latency-free monitoring with the DSP-powered REV-X reverb and the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip in Cubase, or any other DAW software via the included dspMixFx application, the UR44 features four Neutrik combo inputs with D-PRE microphone preamps and phantom power, Hi-Z attenuation on inputs 1 and 2 and line attenuation on inputs 3 and 4, plus two headphone connectors. On the rear panel are two additional balanced line inputs, four balanced line outputs alongside two main outputs, MIDI I/O and a switch to class-compliant mode.

The UR44 also includes the Cubase AI 7 music production software and the Basic FX Suite, consisting of a range of VST effects and sound-processing tools: the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, the REV-X reverb and Guitar Amp Classics with guitar amp simulations developed by Yamaha.

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