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Waves V7 Supports VST3 Technology

December 2, 2009

Well-known plug-in manufacturer Waves recently released the new Version 7 update for its entire product range. Alongside numerous new features and support for the new Windows 7 and Apple Snow Leopard operating systems, Version 7 now also includes full support for the VST3 plug-in interface.

“Needless to say that the news pleases our customers,” comments Timo Wildenhain, Steinberg’s marketing manager for VST corporate relations. “Cubase and Nuendo users benefit from the numerous advantages of this new standard. VST3 quasi represents the pinnacle of today’s plug-in development,” Wildenhain continues. With immediate effect, customers of Steinberg’s music and post production software can enjoy new sidechaining functions and accelerated loading time when using Waves plug-ins. In addition, several new detail improvements have been made, such as categorization of plug-in menus.

The VST3 audio interface standard is developed by Steinberg and offers third-party developers outstanding possibilities to create breathtaking virtual instruments and effects.

“Waves is pleased to climb on board the VST3 platform and provide our users with the latest in pro audio technology,” adds Udi Henis, marketing manager at Waves.

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