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The Cubase experience: finest tools for artists

In 1984, Steinberg was founded on an ideal: to help artists to make music in ways that put their creativity first, and using technology that almost anyone could afford. Since then, Steinberg has developed some of the most successful music products and technologies including Cubase, the world’s most popular software for composing, recording and mixing music.

Cubase is for musicians and producers

Cubase helps both musicians and producers with every step of the music creation process: from the first idea through the arrangement to the final mix. In doing so, Cubase offers various tools to meet your individual needs. And this is why Cubase can be tweaked and used for all music styles and areas of application. Be it a recording engineer, rock guitarist, dance DJ, hip-hop producer, songwriter or film score composer, Cubase users are among the most successful professionals in the world.


Cubase 6 is the ideal tool for singers and songwriters for recording vocal lines, preparing playbacks and creating entire songs. Included are a wealth of virtual instruments and sounds, letting you create professional-sounding accompaniments, be it a playback for your vocal exercises or even an entire demo. HALion Sonic SE and VST Amp Rack are two first-class features in Cubase 6 with which you can add that special note to your music creating stunning new atmospheres. VST Amp Rack is the new reference virtual guitar tone suite, featuring seven legendary amp models, sixteen vintage stomp boxes, six classic speaker cabinets and two studio-grade microphone types. The HALion Sonic SE virtual instrument delivers more than 900 production-ready sounds and instruments that will inspire your creative work. Any VST plug-in can be recorded together with the signal or used exclusively for monitoring — ideal for those who don’t like to sing “dry” during recordings. Intuitive handling, instant playability and VST 3.5 support make this new instrument the perfect choice for productive songwriting or just playing along.
To edit your vocals, various effect plug-ins such as high-quality EQs, reverbs and a professional DeEsser to reduce excess sibilance are also readily available. The PitchCorrect plug-in removes intonation problems in real time and shifts recorded vocals to the next note value on a defined scale. VariAudio goes yet a step further by letting you edit monophonic vocal recordings just as easy as if it were a MIDI part, adjusting the pitch, note length and timing position of each note. And with several recording modes at your disposal, you can capture the perfect recording each and every time. With the new advanced comping tools in Cubase 6, creating the perfect take is lightning fast:   when recording several takes in Cycle mode, Cubase instantly creates a Lane Track for each take. From here, it’s just a short way to perfection. Simply mark the best parts of a take and Cubase automatically creates a master take that contains all selected parts.

Electronic Music Producer

Producers of all types of electronic music find an arsenal of stunning virtual synthesizers and numerous effects in Cubase 6.
Prologue, Spector und Mystic are based on renowned synthesizer technology by VirSyn and are the perfect choice for any type of synth sound, covering everything from powerful low end and impressive leads up to spherical pads and unheard-of atmos. In addition to hundreds of available presets, there are so many other ways to modulate, filter and edit your sound creatively. All this and the polyphonic pad synthesizer Embracer, the resource-saving Monologue synthesizer as well as the powerful HALion Sonic SE VSTi workstation round out the rich sound spectrum of Cubase 6. The Track Quick Controls and its MIDI Learn feature let you record those lively filter sweeps as well as virtually control every sound parameter, also with an external MIDI controller.
Cubase also provides outstanding drum tools including the drum sampler Groove Agent ONE and the Beat Designer step sequencer for programming quick and individual grooves. What’s more, LoopMash 2 is a truly inspirational tool, letting you create new variations of available grooves and loops but is also pure fun for just playing around with. In case you crave even more sounds, simply turn to the hundreds of third-party software instruments that can perfectly be integrated into Cubase through the VST interface. Prefer to work with hardware synthesizers and samplers? Not a problem at all — external sound modules can seamlessly be connected to Cubase and used just as easily as plug-ins.
There are more than 60 audio effects in Cubase for sound designing and mixing: reverbs, delays, modulation effects, dynamic processors and many more. And it doesn’t stop here! Cubase 6 also features 18 MIDI effects, such as the powerful Arpache arpeggiator. Using the Arranger function, you can define different segments of the song as Arranger parts and play them back in any order — the ideal solution for live performances.


Be it in the rehearsal room or recording studio, recording your band with Cubase 6 is as easy as it gets. The advanced music production system by Steinberg offers outstanding quality due to its audio engine as well as flexible and time-saving recording and editing functionality. And with an unlimited number of audio tracks being at your disposal, you can even record, arrange and mix the most comprehensive projects with ease, provided your computer can cope with the workload. Developed in conjunction with recording professionals and top-flight studio drummers, Cubase 6 incorporates state-of-the-art transient and tempo detection, audio quantization and drum replacement functions for perfecting the timing, feel and flavor of live-recorded drum tracks. Building the perfect take has never been easier. Cubase 6 comes with a new Lane Track concept for lightning-fast multitake comping. Simply select the best parts of a take with a single click for the fastest way to perfection.


With Cubase, composers get a complete software notation program for professional score layouts. MIDI notes being played are translated directly to musical notation, resulting in a score that can be edited using more than 100 professional notation symbols. On the other hand, all playing instructions noted in the Score Editor are converted directly into MIDI parameters that can trigger any VST instrument in real time. A special highlight for all composers is VST Expression 2, delivering an innovative solution for working with different instrumental articulations directly in the Key and Score Editor. But that’s not all, in Cubase 6 Note Expression is the revolutionary approach to create and edit multiple controller values in a single graphical interface, directly on the note they belong to.
Thanks to the integrated HALion Sonic SE VSTi workstation, you have hundreds of sounds at your fingertips, including a slew of high-quality orchestral sounds played in different styles — perfectly complementing the new VST Expression functions. On top of this, you also get a fully functional 60-day trial version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set for HALion Sonic SE and HALion Sonic. It provides a wealth of acoustic orchestral instruments with an inexhaustible range of articulations and expressive playing techniques at their best. Existing HSO users will be excited to find out that they can use HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set with their existing license as a free update right away! And all Cubase 6 customers can upgrade the trial version of the HSO VST Sound Instrument Set exclusively online to a permanent license at a very special price.
Composers working with comprehensive orchestra libraries benefit greatly from the native 64-bit support under Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 so that Cubase can theoretically address up to one terabyte of RAM — providing space for more samples and allowing you to work more efficiently.
Cubase 6 is the perfect solution for film score composers. Video files in QuickTime format can be displayed in a freely scalable video window within Cubase or, alternatively, can be played back on an external monitor using the appropriate video hardware (including HD formats). The individual video frames are displayed as thumbnails in a video track, making it a whole lot easier to compose in sync with individual frames. Basic editing functionality, such as edit, cut and paste, are also readily available.

Beat Producer

Cubase 6 includes a ton of tools for the creative beat producer. LoopMash 2 lets you creatively work with loops and create constantly new and seamless groove variations of available audio material. The Groove Agent ONE drum machine combines powerful drum sampling with comprehensive sound design capability. Groove Agent ONE allows you to import sliced loops and MPC kits plus includes several acoustic and electronic drum kits. By using the Beat Designer step sequencer, you can quickly and intuitively program individual drum patterns. Including dozens of beats in different music styles, Beat Designer is the perfect complement to Groove Agent ONE, but can also be used with any other drum sampler of choice.
Steinberg MediaBay lets you comfortably manage, categorize and listen in on all your drum samples, presets and loops, allowing you quickly to find the right sound file. By using the powerful AudioWarp tools, you can adjust the imported loops to any song tempo at the flick of switch — perfect for remixing other projects. Alongside the included libraries of LoopMash 2 and Groove Agent ONE, you can also use the high-quality drum kits of HALion Sonic SE as well as a selection of inspiring loops made by Big Fish Audio.
The added effects provide everything you need to let your beats sound punchier, louder and dirtier. Here you have high-quality EQs, compressors, limiters, distortion effects and tons more in your hand, not to forget the featured full side-chaining support.

Different recording modes and great tools allow you to manage multiple takes and find the perfect recording in a jiffy. Due to the integrated audio pre-record function, you won’t miss a single take (especially the really good ones) even when forgetting to activate the recording function. What’s more, Cubase comes with Pitch Correct and VariAudio, two powerful tools for pitch and intonation correction, to edit the vocal line during or even after the recording.
Simple and efficient — the new Track Edit Groups refine the work with multitrack recordings in Cubase. When activated, related events on multiple tracks are tied together and can be edited at once, making this new feature a huge time-saver in the studio.
Thanks to the virtual control room, recording with Cubase 6 is just as straightforward as using an expensive studio console. The Cubase 6 control room is a unique and powerful recording and monitoring environment, including four studio buses for individual submixes, talkback function, separate metronome bus, four monitor setups and much, much more. By using the control room functions, you can set up headphone mixes for musicians and singers, toggle between different loudspeaker setups and connect to six external sound sources such as tape, CD and DVD.