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Your mobile recording & production studio

Leading the CI series of interface controllers, the CI2+ USB-powered studio comes with its dedicated Cubase Essential 5 audio workstation. The holistic approach that Steinberg provides in form of its Advanced Integration technology allows this smart system to easily assist entry-level to professional musicians and producers with recording and producing music in first-class quality.


CI2+ and Cubase Essential 5 present the ideal tool kit for singers and songwriters looking to record vocal lines, preparing playbacks and creating entire songs. The +48 V phantom power of the CI2+’s two high quality mic preamps provide all capabilities necessary to connect any microphone for recording vocal tracks

Cubase Essential 5 offers virtual instruments and sounds for creating professional-sounding accompaniments, such as playback for vocal exercises or even an entire demo. Various effect plug-ins for editing vocals are readily available and easy to control with the CI2+’s AI Knob. The CI2+’s interface comes with a footswitch connector enabling hands-free recording in Cubase Essential 5. Here you have the choice between 14 different amp and 10 speaker cabinet emulations thanks to the AmpSimulator.

Guitar and Bass Players

Guitarists benefit a great deal from CI2+ and Cubase Essential 5. The HI-Z input on the CI2+ is best suited for the guitar’s characteristics, letting you plug an electric guitar or bass directly into the CI2+. The great-sounding AmpSimulator of Cubase Essential 5 provides different amp and speaker cabinet emulations and, together with the ToneBooster, fans of hard and heavy styles will find plenty of quality sounds to work with. One of the outstanding features provided by CI2+ and Cubase Essential 5 is the Interactive Recording mode, giving you the absolute freedom to record a performance hands-free.

Cubase Owner

CI2+ is, simply put, the ideal low-cost hardware for any Cubase owner who needs to record vocals, instruments, keyboards, percussion or any other audio source and also wants to edit any project easily. The Advanced Integration technology used by CI2+ and Cubase alike provides a vast amount of functional enhancements not found in any other USB audio hardware. With Interactive Recording Cubase you are now able to control basic Cubase functions with the tap of a foot so that both hands are free to perform impeccable music. The additional transport functionality and the AI knob is indispensable for any Cubase user wanting to improve his workflow.

Electronic Music Producer

With CI2+ and Cubase Essential 5 combined into a single system, producers of electronic music will need to look no further for the perfect production kit. In Cubase Essential 5, the Arranger function allows for defining different segments of the song and playing them back in any order — a great tool for those live electronic performances. With the Beat designer it has never been easier to get interactive with different grooves and variations. There’s also the HALion ONE sampler player and the polyphonic subtractive synthesizer Prologue covering a wide range of sounds from which each producer is glad to draw. And with the great control functionality of the CI2+ editing audio material and adjusting parameters has never been easier.

Ambitious Beginners

CI2+ is the ultimate entry-level recording system solution for guitarists, singers and electronic music producers alike. Joining forces, the CI2+ and Cubase Essential 5 provide a host of tools to meet the individual demands of each and every user — with outstanding audio quality, massive features, all at mind-blowing price!