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Sequel LE

Combining intuitive tools to record, edit and mix music with great sounding loops, instruments and effects, Sequel LE opens up the exciting world of music production. Sequel LE gives you a selection of quality loops, ready-to play instrument sounds, stunning effects and the same state of-the-art Steinberg audio engine like Cubase/Nuendo preferred by many world-class producers all over the world. Great ease of use and top-notch audio content make Sequel LE the ideal piece of gear that’ll let you make your own music right away and right out of the box!

  • Includes top features of the Sequel 2 full version
  • Contains selected audio content, instruments and track presets plus an effects set to add that certain touch to your songs
  • Supports Sequel Content Sets for even more content
  • Runs on your PC and Mac computer
  • Fully upgradable to the Sequel full version
  • Sequel LE projects can be opened in the full version

Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard featured in Sequel LE is ideal for playing and recording instruments with the mouse or computer keyboard.

Controller Mode

The Controller Mode provides a means to assign external controllers or keyboards to the most-used parameters in Sequel LE such as mixer volume, track effects, solo/mute buttons and even more. The ultra easy-to-use Controller Learn function allows the user to assign a controller by clicking the parameter and moving the desired knob, slider, key or button. The Controller Mode in Sequel LE provides many options for live performances, such as editing volume or tune and effects with your hardware controller to create a song on stage without a mouse.

Track Icons

Customizable Track Icons allow the user to label the project’s tracks and mixer channels, making them even easier to spot. Track Icons are selected from the factory picture library or a self-definable user library. Customizing Track Icons by changing size and shade let users give Sequel 2 projects their individual touch.

Track Freeze

When processing gets intense, there’s the Track Freeze function which frees up CPU power for more tracks and effects!

Free Warp

The Free Warp mode enables you to warp any part of an audio loop. With the Audio Reverse function it is possible to play audio backwards — a cool effect for breaks!

Tap Tempo

The Tap Tempo function helps you to assign the tempo of each audio file or to fix the tempo of the song.

Vista Core Audio Support

With Windows Vista or Windows 7, Sequel LE runs at very low latencies even without external ASIO hardware using the Vista Core Audio driver.

Sequel Content Sets

Sequel Content Sets are available for Sequel LE. The Sequel LE sound library can be expanded with hundreds of additional audio loops in different music styles.