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Why CI

Steinberg’s CI family is made up of three outstanding USB-powered audio interfaces, delivering a complete system solution for creating and recording music. Together with the included Steinberg software each unit in its own right covers a broad range of applications, be it in the studio, rehearsal room or on the go.


With 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of 48 kHz, the CI interfaces offer a professional digital audio recording standard that lets the user record the music in studio quality. Each CI interface is a high-quality audio hardware built by and designed together with Yamaha to provide a build quality that can only be described as truly professional.


The first input channel comes with a dedicated high impedance switch, letting the user jack an electric guitar or bass directly into the CI interface via the XLR/jack combo input.

Controller for Cubase (CI2 & CI2+)

The CI2 and CI2+ interfaces highlight a controller section with the innovative AI Knob that provides intuitive control with Cubase and WaveLab. Find out more on the additional features of CI 2 and CI2+ Production Kit.


All CI interfaces are powered by a computer’s USB. And by simply connecting the interface to a USB port the user gets immediate full control of Cubase. Even the +48 V phantom power of the two microphone inputs doesn’t require an additional power supply. With the interface being fully USB-powered, it’s no problem to record music whenever and wherever without having to find a mains outlet. The user can simply plug your CI interface into a notebook, connect a microphone or guitar and start jamming on the spot.

Optional Accessories

The optional mic stand adapter BMS-10A allows you to attach your CI to a microphone stand and adjust it to a position that fits your needs.


The CI interface provides two fantastic-sounding microphone inputs comprising balanced XLR/jack combo connectors and high quality microphone preamps, each equipped with individual gain control and a Peak LED. With the onboard +48 V phantom power, the user can record at home or on the move using just about any dynamic or condenser microphone.


The Mono button on the interface allows analog inputs 1 and 2 to be used either as separate mono channels or as a stereo pair feeding just one side (L/R) of the monitor outs. With the Mix level control, the user can adjust the balance between the input signal and the playback signal from the software application, so that the input signal can be monitored without any latency.


The Line outputs of the interface are equipped with balanced TRS connectors, providing professional output studio connectivity. The Phones output is also equipped with a professional 6.3 mm TRS connector. The signal levels of the Master outputs and the Phones output can be adjusted independently. The headphones signal is not affected by the Master volume control.


Each CI interface comes with its dedicated Steinberg software, giving you all you need to record and edit your tracks in a professional yet intuitive way. For detailed information on the included software package, please visit the page of the specific model.