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CMC series


Are you in search of the ideal place for your CMC units? Or do you want to mount your CC121 controller and two CMC units in one solid stand? Then you should check out the beautifully crafted, highly ergonomic frames — the perfect add-on for your modular controller system.

CMC Studio Frame 4

The CMC Studio Frame 4 provides a professional way to mount up to four CMC units in a solid frame. With its puristic design, a sturdy construction and practical rubber feet, the CMC Studio Frame 4 is the perfect home for your CMC units. The slight angle guarantees a smooth operation while the included blind plates close the gaps when using less than four CMC units. Best of all, you can even place a USB hub in the frame — perfect to keep your desk uncluttered.

CMC CC121 Extension Frame

The CMC CC121 Extension Frame allows you to mount up to two CMC units and one CC121 controller in a well-built plastic frame. Due to the rugged construction, perfect ergonomics and practical rubber feet, the CMC CC121 Extension Frame is the ideal partner four your CC121 and CMC units. Plus, there is even a place inside the frame where you safely keep your USB hub.

CMC Studio Frame 4 in detail

CMC Studio Frame 4 in detail