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What people say

Dorico is the future of scoring. It is truly next-generation music notation software that will transform the way you compose, arrange and publish music. But don’t just take our word for it — take a look at what the press and expert musicians have to say about Dorico.

Dorico has revolutionised the way I write music. It supports my creative process, allowing the fluid development of musical ideas. And the print quality is sublime!

— Thomas Hewitt Jones, composer



Dorico is Highly Commended in Music Software category in the
Sound on Sound Awards 2018


Dorico is a finalist in the 2018 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence in the Best Digital/Technological Resource category

What the press say

"Steinberg are clearly onto something special with Dorico…"
— Mark Wherry, Sound on Sound, February 2017

"Dorico is the future of high-end notation software… I believe that a year from now the vast majority of high-end notation will be done in Dorico."
— Dave Walker, Dr. Dave on Music, December 2016

"Dorico may indeed represent the powerful new frontier of 21st century notation software options, which means that every serious composer and arranger should be open to giving them a shot."
Mark Nowakowski, Communities Digital News, March 2017

"Dorico is clearly the way in which complex and sophisticated music notation software is likely to develop. Its solid foundations are built on a deep and exhaustive understanding by the Steinberg team of how musicians really want to notate their compositions and arrangements… If Dorico version 1 is any indication of what Steinberg can produce without using any old or legacy code in such a short time, its future looks very bright. It is a product to be safely recommended."
Mark Sealey,

What Dorico users say

"The idea of a program that genuinely understands best practices in music notation is a giant leap forward. To be able to focus on the musical result I’m after, and have the software respond with a beautiful—and correct—graphical representation, is a rare gift, simply not offered by any other package."
James B. Maxwell, composer, researcher and developer

"This team has the advantage of being engaged with the users as it develops new features; something they have done with sincerity, celerity and professionalism during the Sibelius years. I see the same commitment now. Like Steinberg, we’re here for the long run, and it’s already paid off for many of us. Right now, I am recommending Dorico to everyone I know."
Claude Lapalme, conductor and arranger

"If you don’t have Dorico yet, go get it now. It’s great. And we, as composers, want to keep this team empowered to do great work at Steinberg for as long as we can."
Kevin Clark, composer and author

"I need to express my gratitude for this terrific piece of software! Dorico is such a pleasure to work with. My workflow is already way faster and more satisfying than ever before."
Leif Greibe, pianist, conductor and arranger

"I have said it before but I must say it again; the output from Dorico is really extraordinarily beautiful."
Goran Arnberg, pianist, arranger and composer

"Dorico allows me to write the music that I want to write freely and without workarounds."
David MacDonald, composer and educator

"Dorico is nothing short of magical"
Jeff Ragsdale, tenor and sometimes composer and arranger