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Dorico for composers and arrangers

Whether you’re writing for the concert hall, church, theater or scoring stage, Dorico gives composers and arrangers everything you need to be creative and efficient.



Total freedom

Dorico is the only scorewriter you can freely compose into. In other software, once you’ve input your music it becomes rigid — difficult to edit and adapt. Dorico changes all of that. Its expert understanding of notation and engraving lets you change music freely, while it takes care of the rest. Insert or delete notes, bars, clefs or time signatures, alter rhythms any way you like, and Dorico re-notates the music as clearly as possible.

Multiple movements

Dorico is the only scoring program that handles multi-section projects properly. Each Dorico project can any number of movements, pieces, sketches, songs or exercises — even with varying instrumentation. Combine them in any combination to produce a finished result.

Special notations

Dorico has complete support for modern techniques — including sophisticated chord symbols, complex tuplets, microtonality, unbarred music and complex meters. So you can write whatever you like without clumsy workarounds.

Playback and sequencing

Dorico produces compelling playback and audio files using the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library included, or any VST 3-compatible virtual instrument. Plus it’s the only professional scorewriter with sequencing built-in, so you can edit MIDI data directly, such as key switches and VST Expression.

Portable and scalable

Today’s composer has to be able to work anywhere, and Dorico can travel wherever you go. Its streamlined user interface fits comfortably on your laptop screen, but also scales up to for studio use with multiple monitors and other gear.

Always fast and responsive

However big or small your project — from a simple song to a whole symphony, opera or show — Dorico’s performance will never slow you down. Designed to take advantage of today’s 64-bit multi-core CPUs, Dorico stays responsive even with the largest projects.

Dorico in any profession

Compose, engrave, teach or learn? Dorico intelligently assists.

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