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Dorico for engravers, publishers and copyists

Dorico helps music engravers and publishers get beautiful results more efficiently than any other software.

Today’s engravers, copyists and publishers demand results that meet exacting standards — but with ever tightening deadlines and costs. Dorico produces beautiful results more efficiently than any other software, helping you produce publications of the very highest quality — on time and on budget.

No detail too small

You have an eye for the smallest details, and know that hundreds of fine points add up to more than the sum of their parts. Based on years of research with experts, Dorico emulates the finest traditions of music engraving by master craftsmen, producing beautifully balanced and laid-out results by default.

Superior spacing

Nothing affects the legibility of printed music more than rhythmic spacing and vertical placement of systems and staves. Dorico’s excellent horizontal and vertical spacing, with comprehensive collision avoidance and unique kerning capabilities, virtually eliminates the need for manual tweaking. You’ll save hours on every project.

Control where it counts

Dorico gives expert users multiple levels of control — from whole project notation and engraving settings to local rules, right down to individual tweaks. Once you’ve found the perfect combination, apply your settings to every new project, or create dedicated styles for each client or type of publication.

DTP layout

There’s more to the perfect publication than simply typesetting the music. Control every aspect of page layout with Dorico’s unique and powerful DTP features, such as chainable frames for music, text and graphics. Freely mix text, graphics and music on the same page, and set up master pages to make layouts perfectly consistent.

Output multiple formats

Only Dorico supports multiple layouts within the same project. This lets you create output formats with different combinations of instruments, page and staff sizes. Conductor’s score, rehearsal score, study score and instrumental parts can all be created from the same file, with no compromises. Then export them as true monochrome PDFs with a single click.

Dorico example pages

Click on the thumbnail images below to open these example pages (in PDF format).

Bach – Magnificat, 1st movement
Bartók – String quartet no. 3, 1st
Chopin – Nocturne, Op. 37 No. 2
Elgar – Dream of Gerontius, "The Priests and Assistants"
Mahler – Symphony no. 6, 3rd movement
Bach – Two-Part Inventions Thematic index
Educational worksheet example

Dorico in any profession

Compose, engrave, teach or learn? Dorico intelligently assists.

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