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Dorico for media musicians

Dorico helps anyone producing music for film, TV, games or other media handle complex workflows — and meet the tightest deadlines. With Dorico in your toolbox, you will be able to handle more and more steps in a single application.



Roll with the changes

When a new edit comes down with cuts or insertions, you won’t break a sweat. Insert individual beats or bars, change bar number sequences, delete or insert barlines, rebar music into new meters, and more besides. Dorico performs edits big and small in an instant — making all necessary adjustments itself to give you clear, correct notation.

Import and export

Dorico imports and exports MusicXML and MIDI files with excellent results, so whether the job starts in a sequencer and ends in scoring software or vice versa, you can move back and forth between programs with ease.

Fast part preparation

Producing parts that session players will play perfectly on the first take requires years of experience. Dorico does virtually all the work for you in an instant, producing crystal-clear notation and engraving, with powerful layout features and extensive options and rules to cover every case.

MIDI editing and mock-ups

When the director needs to hear a mock-up or temp track, Dorico’s playback will take the strain. Handle complex playing technique using VST Expression Maps, and manipulate MIDI events directly in Dorico’s built-in piano roll editor. With a full set of effects and flexible audio routing, you can even mix directly in Dorico. When the time comes to take your project to the next stage, export MIDI to Cubase or other DAWs — every playing technique goes on its own track for easier mapping onto your existing template.

Dorico in any profession

Compose, engrave, teach or learn? Dorico intelligently assists.

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