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Integrated VST Instruments

Cubase 4 includes outstanding virtual instruments right out of the box, putting a huge range of first-class sounds at your disposal.

HALion One

With HALion One Steinberg adds powerful sample playback synthesis to Cubase 4. Based on Steinberg’s award-winning HALion 3 architecture, HALion One is optimized for use with VST Sound™. It comes with more than 600 brand-new ready-to-play sounds covering dozens of acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as hundreds of colorful synth timbres. This extremely versatile sound set is optimized for lightning-fast preset switching and low memory consumption. Sound and effect parameters can be tweaked using eight convenient Quick Controls. VST Sound™ manages all of HALion One’s presets, user presets and track presets. So finding the right sound is equally convenient and fast.

  • Sample-based VST instrument
  • More than 600 instruments/sounds
  • 58 drum kits
  • 8 QuickControls
  • FX Bypass button
  • Variable efficiency to control CPU load
  • One MIDI In, stereo audio out - perfect for Instrument Tracks


Prologue is a wonderfully rich-sounding virtual analog synthesizer that will become an indispensable part of your VSTi arsenal. Prologue's textural range includes lush, detailed pads and bright, acerbic leads and everything in between.

Prologue’s intuitive user interface provides full editing capabilities with access to its three oscillators, powerful multi-mode filter, four envelopes, two LFOs, a powerful modulation matrix, and onboard effects. And because Prologue is polyphonic with up to 128 voices, you'll (probably) never run out of creative space.

  • Virtual analog synthesizer with hybrid analog and digital waveforms
  • 3 oscillators
  • Multi-mode variable resonance filter
  • 4 ADSR envelope generators
  • 2 LFOs
  • Powerful modulation matrix
  • On-board effects (Distortion, Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus)


Spector provides exceedingly original yet detailed sounds with its two extremely colorful and versatile spectrum filters, yet also adds the power of up to six oscillators per voice with two different waveforms each. Separate independent spectrum filters process each of the two waveforms, and creating new, unique sounds by simply drawing new filter curves and then shifting or morphing the two filter’s spectrums is pure fun. Spector offers four envelope generators, two LFOs, a powerful modulation matrix and on-board effects.

  • Up to 6 oscillators per voice
  • 2 variable spectrum filters with morph control
  • 4 ADSR envelope generators
  • 2 LFOs
  • Powerful modulation matrix
  • On-board effects (Distortion, Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus)


Mystic’s awesomely versatile yet startlingly original and unique audio characteristics are based on three parallel comb filters with feedback. The sound source is an “impulse sound” based on physical modeling technology. The harmonic spectrum of this sound is based on one of six selectable waveforms and a set of two spectrum filters. The sound can be shaped with a filter (Damping), by adding an offset to the comb filters (Detune), or by adding a noise component (Crackle). The result is an exceedingly inspiring VST synth that rewards the adventurous.

  • Impulse oscillator with spectrum filters
  • 3 parallel comb filters with feedback
  • 4 ADSR envelope generators
  • 2 LFOs
  • Powerful modulation matrix
  • On-board effects (Distortion, Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus)


Embracer is an easy-to-use polyphonic synthesizer developed especially for generating string pads and other accompaniment sounds. A special feature is the instrument’s additional Surround output. The dynamically adjustable Width parameter lets you create very impressive 360° Surround sounds.


A monophonic synthesizer, Monologue offers a rich sonic spectrum without heavily burdening the processor. It is the perfect choice of synthesizer for bass, lead and sequencer sounds.

* not available on Intel-based Macintosh computers

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