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Music Notation

Cubase 4 features an extensive set of functions and tools for music notation and score printing. Your MIDI input converts directly into notation so that you can easily create scores of your compositions. The Score editor immediately shows every MIDI data change (for example, a shifted or abbreviated note) and settings such as the time signature and key. Each sheet of a score can accommodate up 32 note systems with up to eight voices per instrument.

The Score editor lets you view your music in the form of scores, including all the symbols and diagramming options that this entails. In addition, you can add lyrics and remarks as well as create drum notes, guitar tablature and lead sheets at will. In Cubase 4 the Score Editor has received several major enhancements, including a new inspector-style Symbol Tabs that can be individually collapsed and expanded, a special user-definable Favorites tab, and editing of multiple events using the info line. In addition, two master-quality Score Fonts have been added: “Jazz” and “Classic”.

Hundreds of professional notation symbols are available; simply select the tools you need to create the scores you want. The amazing MIDI Meaning feature translates notation symbols into MIDI parameters and offers a quick-audition function.
The Staff Presets have been linked to the Cubase 4 VST Sound™ and its new Track Presets. This means that whenever a track preset is used that contains sound category information, a suitable staff preset is automatically assigned to that track. Vice-versa user defined MIDI or Instrument Track Presets can save custom staff settings together with the instrument and sound.
MusicXML Import and Export allows transferring scores from Cubase to specialized score layout/publishing software and vice versa without losing layout information.

All settings in the Score Editor have been consolidated in Cubase 4 into a new intuitive settings window incorporating project, layout, staff and text settings. The new Score Editor settings window is a major workflow improvement and speeds up the process of setting-up Cubase’s score editor drastically.



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