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  • 01Demo00:22
  • 02Drums Tape Delay00:22
  • 03Guitar Stereo Delay00:22
  • 04Piano Long Delay00:22
  • 05Percussion Non Linear Reverb00:21
  • 06Bells Stereo Width00:21
  • 07Bass Early Reflection00:22

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  • 01Demo00:21
  • 02Organ Pan and Tremolo00:21
  • 03Organ Rotray Speaker00:21
  • 04Brass Bit Reduction00:21
  • 05Clavinet TalkBox00:21
  • 06Bass Wah Pedal00:21
  • 07Drum Enhancer00:21

Add-ons for Cubasis

Expand your Cubasis with professional instruments and effects from Steinberg.

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In-App purchases

Cubasis offers the possibility to include more features and add-ons through in-app purchases. To buy these add-ons, please visit the Cubasis in-app store by clicking the shop symbol in the top right area of the app.

Cubasis FX Pack 1 - Reverbs & Delays

Non-Linear Reverb

’80s type gated reverb

Early Reflections

Emulates small acoustic spaces for thick and blurred sounds

Stereo Delay

Classic stereo-in/stereo-out delay

Long Delay

Mono-in/stereo-out delay with up to four seconds of delay time

Tape Delay

Classic vintage 4-head analog tape delay simulation

Stereo Width

4 mode stereo width enhancer

Cubasis FX Pack 2 - Vintage FX

Pan & Tremolo

Autopan and tremolo effect as used in vintage pianos

Rotary Speaker

Rotary speaker cabinet simulation with high and low rotors

Bit Reduction

Digital “Lo Fi” quality degradation


Modulated vowel format filter

Wah Pedal

Classic ’70s vintage auto-wah effect


Psychoacoustic spectrum shaping