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LoopMash HD

Please note that we will phase out LoopMash Free, LoopMash and LoopMash HD. As a courtesy to our customers, the apps will remain available in the Apple App Store until January 8, 2018.

LoopMash HD is a fresh new iPad app for making music no matter where you are. With its innovative approach to mixing music, LoopMash HD simultaneously merges up to eight four-bar loops by matching and replacing comparable elements. Featuring 19 live performance effects such as tape stop and stutter effects, LoopMash HD comes with over 30 presets and 258 loops ranging all the way from ethno to electro. Based on a technology introduced by Yamaha, LoopMash HD is a stripped-down version of the popular LoopMash virtual instrument featured in Cubase.

Top Features

  •     More than 250 addictive audio loops included
  •     Over 30 presets to get you started right away
  •     Intuitive 3-D swipe-page navigation
  •     Load and play up to eight 4-bar loops per scene
  •     24 scenes available per preset
  •     19 stunning live performance effects including stutters & scratches
  •     4 studio-grade effects for more sound control

Mash it up!

Load high-quality audio loops into your eight tracks and start mashing up tunes to your heart’s content! With over 250 finest audio loops, we’ve got you covered, no matter what styles you want to blend together. The loop browsing works intuitively and allows you to listen in on the loops before you select one. Move the Track Similarity Gain faders of the slave tracks until you find the right groove. Then, pull up the Similarity Threshold to limit the amount of slices to be played. Play around with the Similarity Gains yet again to change the kaleidoscope of sounds — all this, of course, with multi-touch support!

Enter the slice matrix

At the heart of LoopMash HD is the Slice Matrix page showing eight tracks — each four bars long. Tap any of the eight tracks to make it your master track and the other tracks will follow the assigned track. The Slice Matrix includes basic playback functions such as start/stop and tempo control. There’s also access to the help page in the upper left-hand corner. The Settings page provides powerful key controls for performance tweaks, such as Number of Voices, Selection Grid, Selection Offset, Staccato, Similarity Method and Adapt Mode.

Tweak your loops

The Mix page features a straightforward mixer to easily adjust the volume of the individual tracks. Spice up your performance with the included studio-grade effects: Lowpass Filter and Hipass Filter, Flanger and Phaser. All the dance floor classic effects are here to make your music sound even gnarlier!

Pitch Transpose

Tap the button to the left of a volume slider and select a semitone from the displayed panel to transpose the pitch of the selected track.

Bring it to the stage

LoopMash HD ships with over 30 factory presets to get you started immediately. With the included performance pads you can trigger beat mashing effects in real time to focus on your performance. Tape stops, scratches, cycles, backspins and more. Try them all and get addicted!

The preset management is really easy to use: each preset can store up to 24 scenes, and each scene can contain up to eight different loops, effects, similarity and adapt values, volumes, transpose semitones, tempos and settings. Use the pads to save and trigger your scenes. And with an unlimited number of user presets, there are simply endless possibilities for you to explore.

Exchange presets

With LoopMash HD you can even exchange your presets with friends. It’s so simple — just connect your iPad to iTunes, click on the left menu on your device, and then click on the top menu on "Apps". Scroll down to the "Apps" section and select LoopMash HD. You will find all your presets on the right window. Click on "Save to..." to store your presets to your computer. If you want to load presets from a friend, simply click on the "Add..." button.

Swift 3-D page navigation

LoopMash HD features a new and intuitive form of navigating through the app’s pages. Not only is the slice matrix shown in a three-dimensional manner on the adjacent pages, but arrows are displayed on each page in order for you to swipe effortlessly from one page to another.


New in Version 1.1: Record and Export

The 1.1 update update lets you record and export your mashup.
When LoopMash is running, simply tap the red button on the upper right-hand corner of the app to start recording. Tap the button again to stop recording. Once you've stopped you are prompted to give your creation a name. All your recorded WAV files are stored in the iTunes Share folder of LoopMash.

Important: this update requires iOS 5.1. If you don't have iOS 5.1 installed on your device, don't install this update as it won't work.

New in version 1.2

Audiobus is an innovative iOS protocol that offers realtime audio streaming between multiple apps. Now, you can use LoopMash HD and record the audio output signal directly in Cubasis or other apps.

Before sending the audio signal to Cubasis, you can even route it to another app and use that app as an effect processor — there are plenty of possibilities!

LoopMash HD Content Sets

Upgrade your LoopMash HD library with content sets for even more great-sounding loops in your favorite music style. Each content set includes over 50 first-class audio loops that have been shaped by professional producers and chosen by some of the best ears in the industry.

The LoopMash HD Content Sets are exclusively available as In App purchases. After the download, the loops are instantly accessible and arranged in the loop browser, making it a breeze to find the right sound.

The Pump up the mash! volumes one through four bring an inspiring collection of electronic sounds to your iPad — a must-have for any LoopMash HD user! Ranging from minimal to ambient and prog house to electro, each of the sets delivers a variety of exclusive loops for leading-edge electronic music productions.

Choose your LoopMash version

LoopMash is also available for your iPhone and iPod touch — in a fully fledged  paid version and a stripped-down free version. Pick the app that suits you best!

Find out more on LoopMash and LoopMash Free

Feature Comparison

LoopMash HD LoopMash LoopMash Free
Supported platforms iPad (generation 1,2,3,4 and iPad mini) iPhone (3GS/4/4S/5), iPod touch (generation 3,4,5) iPhone (3GS/4/4S/5), iPod touch (generation 3,4,5)
Loops per scene 8 4 4
Loop length in bars 4 2 2
Scenes available 24 8 8
Number of included loops 258 272 42
Number of included presets 31 51 10
Effects (hi-pass, low-pass, flanger, phaser) Logo green Logo green Logo green
Performance effects (tape-stops, stutters, tape scratches, etc.) Logo green (19)
Pitch transpose Logo green
Scenes naming option Logo green
Save presets Logo green Logo green Logo yellow (available as add-on)
Share presets (via iTunes) Logo green Logo green Logo yellow (available as add-on)