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Neil Leachman

"We are proud to say that Steinberg software forms a big part of our tuition."

— Neil Leachman, Head of Department, Sound Engineering, CityVarsity School

CityVarsity Studio

Nuendo 7 in the education sector

A growing number of game studios, TV/film post-production facilities as well as broadcasters rely on Nuendo in their daily business. Among them are companies the likes of Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, RTL, Europasound, NC Soft, and NHK that benefit from Nuendo’s unparalleled feature set and the industry’s most attractive pricing. Nuendo is more than just a software application — it is the centerpiece of a complete studio solution that comprises the Yamaha Nuage DAW controller, interfaces, synchronizers and other peripherals.

Nuendo Student version for enrolled students

You are currently enrolled in an audio or media course? Then you are eligible for a Nuendo Student version at a very special price. Being the technology leader in audio post-production, Nuendo includes unique features that help you work with game middlewares, edit audio material for TV-shows, create a surround mix for film projects or recording dialog (ADR) for foreign language dubbing.

Choose Nuendo to harness unrivaled gaming, TV, film and broadcast workflows that are sure to leave an impression on future employers. Stay one step ahead of the competition by working faster and more effectively and by demonstrating a very high degree of professionalism. This in turn prepares you well for the audio job you aspire — at international game companies, local post-production houses, broadcasters or as a successful freelancer.

Nuendo Educator version for education facilities

Offer students a true career prospect by creating audio courses that are related to picture-work. Be it games, television, film or broadcast, the growing demand for students to work in these billion-dollar industries make any audio course focus on these topics more attractive.

Equipping your facility with Nuendo may be a first. You may consider expanding your existing course offer to include Nuendo. Either way, if you would like to benefit from Nuendo Educator, we are here to turn your plans into reality. Not only do we offer train-the-trainer support and help with education material, your facility could even become an official Steinberg Training Center to gain from even more services. And with the Nuendo Student version, we offer your students a cost-effective solution to continue their work with Nuendo at home.



Nuendo in practice: CityVarsity School of Media & Creative Arts

Established in 1996 in Cape Town, CityVarsity rapidly cemented itself as the go-to media and creative arts school in South Africa. They have been using Steinberg products ever since, and in 2014 they upgraded their flagship studio with a Yamaha Nuage system. Neil Leachman, Head of the Sound Engineering Department, took the time to answer some questions for us.

Could you please introduce CityVarsity School of Media & Creative Arts?

CityVarsity was established approximately 20 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, as an independent film school. Over time it became obvious that there were many other aspects that could be folded into the college that embellished the film course, not least of which was sound. We have two campuses. Cape Town is our main campus, and Braamfontein in Johannesburg is our separate branch. We are proud to say that Steinberg software forms a big part of our tuition as it incorporates so many different aspects of sound engineering.

You have 130 sound students enrolled in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Where are your students coming from, and what are their reasons for choosing CityVarsity?

They are predominantly South African students that come from all over the country. We also have a constant enrollment of international (African) students. They chose CityVarsity because of the service delivery that we provide. Our course offers a very practically oriented focus on sound engineering with high standards of achievement and expectation. Students are required to do mixes and write music for films produced in the film department, find bands and record them and write and produce various styles of music for adverts. This way the student gets a good grounding and also gets exposed to industry procedures.

You offer a broad range of diploma courses. What role does post-production play in this context?

We currently offer four advanced diplomas and four degree courses. Post-production plays a large role in both Diploma and Advanced Diploma. The Advanced Diploma students get to select one of three majors: Location and Post-Production (film), Advanced Audio Production and Live Mixing (band recording), or Production and Arrangement (music composition and production). Advanced Diploma students spend the majority of their year working in the Nuage studio using Nuendo/Cubase to complete their tasks and assignments.

Why did you choose Nuage and Nuendo over other solutions?

Because of the structure of our Advanced Diploma we felt it necessary to find a unit that would be able to handle all three majors. We chose Nuage because of its integration with Steinberg software, offering the perfect solution for the students to work intuitively. We value the integrated workflow, basically everything from automated dialog replacement (ADR) over integrated R128 loudness metering and automation through to asset management and the mixer layout. The advanced search features and the quality of the integrated effects are additional reasons. These all contribute immensely into helping students understand and apply practical workflow within their education. Nuendo and Nuage make complicated engineering become simple and effective. What else can one ask for?

How does a typical training program look like?

Students are put on a two-week practical introduction course where they are required to use the desk to do certain workflows. Fader units and functions are shown first. Both simple fader selection and arrangement, and processing are shown to ensure they understand how to access basic functions. Automation is handled at this point, as it is simple, effective and relevant. The master unit, user defined keys, and simple transport functions are then demonstrated. Once they have demonstrated a practical knowledge of these processes they have to write a theoretical test demonstrating their understanding of the routing system and any application that they might need to create. More advanced features and functions are shown as and when required, with most of the second semester work requiring them.

Nuendo and Nuage seem to be very popular among the students…

The students LOVE working in the studio. Mixing practically has allowed them the chance to develop their aesthetic standards. Alumni are also very aware of the installation and have regularly come past to see and hear the “beauty” of the Nuage. With Nuendo and Nuage, students have also managed to get through the more challenging parts of their course application with better results. Their aesthetic sensibilities have been developed at a higher level, and they are more aware of intuitive mixing and understanding, rather than “click-mixing.”

Do you see more Nuendo/Nuage installations in the future?

We have been promoting the system to several outside interests and most have been very impressed. There is a very high probability we will see another Cape Town installation in the near future.