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Fraunhofer IIS

Fraunhofer IIS is the leading research lab for audio coding. More than 100 scientists and engineers working in the field of audio and multimedia to realize tomorrow’s media world. In the course of an expansion of the institute buildings, several new research laboratories have been built, namely an acoustic lab and a recording studio within the audio labs complex of buildings. The acoustic lab is mainly used to test new developments in audio coding; the recording studio enables the necessary recordings.

Research, surround-audio and audio communication technologies, semantic audio processing, technologies for digital broadcast systems as well as multimedia, security and transport technologies


Technologies: MP3, AAC, MPEG and variants

Why is Nuendo the ideal software for you?
“Stability, reliability, awareness of Nuendo among colleagues and a reasonable straightforwardness were the most important reasons for the choice of Nuendo.”
— Matthias Rose, Fraunhofer IIS