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HS Hamburger Synchron GmbH

HS Hamburger Synchron is an institution in Northern Germany’s audio industry and looks back over 25 years of successful projects. Specialised on language dubbing of German and English films and TV series, HS also offers radio plays, recording, creation of audio streams for different regions and voice-over for documentaries as part of the varied portfolio of services.

Language dubbing of German and international productions, advertising, radio plays, audio books, documentaries, foley, voiceover recording, editing, mixing of TV and DVD productions

National TV networks and other customers such as Arte, ZDF, NDR, KIKA, RTL, RTL2, Kabel1, Pro7, e-m-s new media AG, Koch Media, Nocturna Audio, Nick, MTV, TM Tele München, Rysher, TPI, Mercedes Benz, IBM, ASL, Penta TV, CLT-Ufa, GMT, KM-Studios, Blackhill Pictures, PTM, Concorde Film, Eagle Rock, FJE, VCL Carolco, Canal+, Cinematec, Castle, Premiere, Polygram, and many more

Why is Nuendo the ideal software for you?

"Nuendo has convinced us through its flexibility, especially during language dubbing. The picture can be coupled internally or externally via server absolutely trouble-free. The interface is intuitive and the outstanding cost/performance ratio made our decision to equip several studios with Nuendo simultaneously very easy."
— Carsten Berlin, Sound-Editor Hamburger Synchron