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John Ross, 424. Inc.

With over 85 film soundtracks under his belt including renowned films such as De-Lovely, The Butterfly Effect and Blade II, re-recording engineer John Ross is one of the most important people in Hollywood’s audio post scene. Equipped with cutting edge technology including two Nuendo systems integrated into an 80-fader Euphonix System 5-MC controller console, the new facility is among the most technologically advanced post production houses anywhere.

Post-production and film mixing

De-Lovely, The Butterfly Effect, Blade II, Take the Lead, Austin Powers, Sex and the City, etc.

Why did you select Nuendo?
“Our Euphonix console has the ability to control multiple software, the main component being Nuendo, which to me is the perfect example what can be done with host-based processing.”
— John Ross, 424 Inc.