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TV + Synchron Berlin GmbH

Telenovelas from Brazil, TV series and movies from the US, Europe and North Africa, SciFi from Korea, action thrillers from Hong Kong and cartoons from Australia — the professionals from TV + Synchron Berlin have experience with major projects from all over the world.

Voice recordings, language localization, audio books, radio plays, foley recording, dialog editing, sound design

German national TV networks and other major media companies including ARD, ZDF, WDR, KIKA, RTL group, e-m-s new media AG, Voice & Script International, Warner bros., Nick, VIVA, MTV, Turner, Cartoon Network, Tele München, Tokyopop, Hahn Film, spoonfilm, Cine+ and many more.

Why is Nuendo the ideal software for you?

“Nuendo meets our requirements as a fast and intuitive system that is rock solid for 24/7 use in our compressed timeframes and compartmentalized workflow. Besides sound editing, we use Nuendo for synchronous video playback from our video server.” 
— Thomas Wolfert, Managing Director