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Wave Studios

Founded in the late '90s by sound engineers Johnnie Burn and Warren Hamilton, Wave Studios specializes in sound design, music and musical sound design for television, radio, cinema and all digital media, with audio-post for commercials being their speciality. Special skills include Dolby 5.1 EX surround mixing for trailers and commercials, bespoke music composition and voice recording and casting —  including APT and CDQ ISDN link capability. 

Sound design, stereo and 5.1 mixing for television, radio and all digital media, Dolby 5.1 EX surround mixing for trailers and commercials, voice recording and casting —  APT and CDQ ISDN link capability, bespoke music composition, bespoke sound effect and location recording

Commercials: Guinness “Surfer”, Audi “Bull” and “Spider”, Stella Artois “Skating Priests”, Honda “Cog”, Playstation “Mountain” und Adidas “Spark” campaign

Why is Nuendo the ideal software for you?
“The functionality and versatility of Nuendo makes it far-and-away the leader in its field. With Nuendo 4, Steinberg has created a multi-faceted package that can be honed to Wave’s very specific audio-post workflow. We adore the integrated search facilities that MediaBay offers us, and having clip-based volume control back in my life is a real relief!”
— Alex Nicholls-Lee, Wave Studios, Amsterdam