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Brainworx Music & Media GmbH

Brainworx is an innovative manufacturer of hi-end audio plugins, focusing on mastering applications and M/S tools (for recording, mix and mastering purposes). The best-known tool is bx_digital, which has become a “standard” for M/S mastering.


bx_digital is a state-of-the-art digital mastering processor and M/S recording processor that provides you with a mastering class 5-band equalizer, de-esser, Mono-Maker and intelligent bass and presence shifters.

  • 3 modes: L/R, M/S mastering, M/S recording
  • Phase-corrected solo buttons for L/R/M/S signals
  • Intelligent EQs: Bass-Shift & Presence-Shift
  • Mono-Maker makes bass frequencies mono only!
  • Mastering de-esser with solo buttons (“noise-only”)
  • Control stereo-width via M/S gains!


bx_hybrid is a state-of-the art mono and stereo EQ. It contains several unique tools, such as an internal M/S processor for stereo width control and a mono maker (a Brainworx invention that will mono out any stereo signal up to a certain user-adjustable threshold frequency with only ONE knob — while automatically compensating for the potential loss in the overall bass-spectrum!)

  • 11-band mono & stereo EQ
  • Joystick EQs!
  • Mono-Maker (stereo version only)
  • Auto-solo listen modes
  • Internal double precision
  • Latency free!


bx_control is a control listening tool and an M/S matrixwith built-in Mono-Maker and stereo width control. bx_control also features hi-resolution level LEDs for peak and RMS levels. bx_control also is a perfect M/S recording tool: use it as a latency-free M/S matrix in recording situations.

  • M/S matrix for recording, mix and mastering purposes
  • Stereo width control
  • Mono-Maker
  • High-resolution PEAK & RMS meters
  • Latency-free