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Line 6

Line 6 is an amp modeling pioneer and leading manufacturer of studio- and stage-standard gear including amplifiers, effects, effect processors, recording interfaces and software. For over 10 years, Line 6 has been releasing award-winning products, including the revolutionary Amp Farm plug-in, that have been used by musicians worldwide on countless platinum and Grammy-award-winning albums.

POD Farm

Descended from POD and Amp Farm, POD Farm is a powerful audio plug-in that delivers industry-standard POD tone to any DAW. Its crucial collection of amps, cabs, effects and more provides an arsenal of tones no recording guitarist should be without. The carousel-style gear browser displays every guitarist's fantasy, from dark and smoky American combos to gain-crazed British stacks and beyond. Simply drag-and-drop models into the signal flow to easily find your sound. Plus, Dual Tone functionality allows you to split your guitar signal and play through two full rigs of amps, cabs and effects — it's like having two versions of POD Farm in one!

  • 18 guitar amps and 24 guitar cabs
  • 5 bass amps and 5 bass cabs
  • 29 stompboxes and studio effects
  • 6 mic preamps
  • Advanced sonic flexibility with Dual Tone functionality
  • Mac/Windows; AU/RTAS/VST; iLok or Line 6 hardware compatible

POD Farm 2 Platinum

The fully loaded dream collection of spot-on amp, cab, effect, stompbox and preamp models for the discerning recording guitarist. The carousel-style gear browser displays it all: everything from dark and smoky American combos to gain-crazed English stacks, and beyond. Find your sound by simply dragging and dropping models into the signal flow. Plus enhanced routing with flexible DSP, Dual Tone functionality, full MIDI control, CPU power-saving POD Farm Elements and more make for a an exceptional plug-in experience.

  • 250+ celebrated models from amp modeling pioneers Line 6
  • 78 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 28 bass amps and 22 bass cabs
  • 97 stompboxes and studio effects and 6 mic preamps
  • Advanced sonic flexibility with Dual Tone functionality
  • Enhanced routing with flexible DSP
  • Full MIDI control