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Sonnox Oxford Plug-ins

Sonnox is a leading designer of high quality audio processing plug-ins. Oxford Plugins are used by professionals all over the world for a wide range of audio applications, from music to broadcast and post production. These VST plug-ins are all 64-bit compatible.

Codec Toolbox

Codec Toolbox is the result of a partnership with Fraunhofer. Over many years Fraunhofer have perfected these codecs and they are presented to you in the Codec Toolbox to ensure your music sounds as good online as it does in the studio. Codec Toolbox consists of two applications - the Toolbox Plug-In, for auditioning your mix in real-time through various codecs, and the Toolbox Manager for encoding and adding metadata.

  • Audition high quality codecs in real-time (mp3, AAC and iTunes+)
  • Batch encode multiple files to save time
  • 'Clip Safe' auto-compensates for any overs, keeping your mix clean
  • Add metadata like track names and artwork
  • Decode mp3 or AAC files to WAV or AIF

Oxford Limiter

The Oxford Limiter provides program loudness control and limiting functions. Unique processing in the form of the Enhance function provides the sample value limiting needed to reliably avoid overloads in digital workstation environments, and allows unprecedented volume and punch to be applied to program, beyond that available from conventional limiting functions.

  • Unique Enhance section — provides sample value limiting and enhances perceived loudness
  • Ability to add harmonic distortion, where artistic style requires
  • Variable soft knee control
  • Attack and Release controls
  • Reconstruction Meter shows “actual” signal rather than sampled signal

Oxford Reverb

The Oxford Reverb plug-in is a highly flexible artificial reverberation generator. As well as providing stunning presets, the user has full control over all of its many parameters, including a very comprehensive early reflections section, and integrated five-band EQ. The Oxford Reverb allows the powerful facility to create virtual spaces freely depending on artistic need.

  • Extremely flexible reverberation generator
  • Detailed control over early reflections
  • Bring sounds forward or push them back
  • High-quality Sonnox Oxford sound
  • Incorporated 5-band parametric EQ

Oxford EQ

Based on the exact same algorithms as the acclaimed Sony OXF-R3 digital mixing console, this fully parametric EQ has 5 bands and separate LF and HF filters. The Oxford EQ also features four different EQ types that cover the widest of mixing styles.

  • Five-band parametric design
  • LF and HF Filters providing up to 36 dB/Octave
  • Four different EQ types
  • Fully decramped HF response
  • Support for sample rates up to and including 192 kHz

Oxford Dynamics

Full Dynamics from the acclaimed Sony OXF-R3 console. Resulting from many years of research into professional dynamics applications, the Oxford Dynamics plug-in offers separate Gate, Expander, Compressor, Limiter and Side-Chain EQ functions. Also included is a separate Bus Compressor/Limiter, which is 5.1 surround compatible.

  • Channel Dynamics with separately controlled sections for Compressor, Limiter, Gate and Expander
  • Channel Dynamics includes fully featured 2-band side-chain EQ which can also be used in signal path
  • Separate Bus Compressor / Limiter with surround multi-format support and selectable Sub channel filtering and gain contribution control
  • Selectable linear and exponential time constant curves
  • Highly accurate logarithmic side chain processing

Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore is a suite of three plug-ins designed to accurately restore audio that is impaired. Its advanced algorithms and novel features allow fast and extremely effective removal of pops, clicks, crackles, scratches, hum, buzzes and extraneous background noise from virtually any recording. Capable of exceptionally high quality audio repairs, the three plug-ins are intuitive and easy to use, with each interface providing detailed graphical feedback, benefiting the user by saving time which of course is critical in the post-production process.

  • High end all-in one restoration suite
  • De-Clicker, comes with three sections with individual thresholds and controls: DePop, DeClick and DeCrackle
  • De-Noiser, including High performance noise removal using advanced algorithms
  • De-Buzzer, with Scalable high resolution FFT of input signal shows strongest harmonics and removal filter
  • Available in RTAS, AU and VST format

Oxford Inflator

The Inflator is a unique process that provides an increase in apparent loudness, without obvious loss of quality or audible reduction of dynamic range. 

  • Increases the loudness of almost any program material
  • Creates warmth, character and dynamic excitement, similar to that of analogue systems
  • Provides virtual headroom above digital maximum to allow percussive peaks to pass without causing signal overload
  • Creates artistic effects ranging from subtle tube-like harmonic characteristics for warmth, presence and “in your face” fatness, to outright saturation distortion modeling
  • Features two modes of operation — direct and band split — for maximum flexibility and artistic creativity

Oxford Transient Modulator

The Transient Modulator allows dramatic manipulation of signal transients. It can completely exaggerate or dampen the attacks, with continuous variation between all settings. A “soggy” drum kit can be brought to life, or a bass made to sound more punchy. Conversely, it can bring up the ambience surrounding a specific sound by softening the attack. The Transient Modulator gives life to dull sounding recordings, without the unwanted changes in overall timbre associated with compression.

  • Radically changes the dynamics of instruments
  • Accentuates or flattens attacks and transients
  • Brings sounds forward or push them back
  • Increases or reduces the effects of ambience
  • Produces rounded and dynamic percussive effects

Oxford SuprEsser

The Oxford SuprEsser is both a very highly featured professional De-esser and a Dynamic EQ. The combination of an intuitive FFT display and three listen modes enables the user to easily see and hear exactly where the problem frequencies are, allowing the rapid reduction or removal of the offending audio. As well as being able to trigger the full band compression, only the offending frequencies can be carefully carved out. 

  • Highly featured professional De-esser
  • Linear Phase Dynamic EQ
  • Transparently controls aggressive frequencies
  • Automatic Level Tracking follows energy levels (no need to automate threshold)
  • Large intuitive graphic display makes finding frequencies very easy

Sonnox ELITE - The Ultimate Oxford Plugins Collection

All seven world-renowned Oxford plug-ins in one bundle, saving 40% off individual prices! Contains Oxford EQ, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford Inflator, Oxford Transient Modulator, Oxford Reverb, Oxford Limiter and Oxford SuprEsser.