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Synapse Audio Software

The experts at the German software company Synapse Audio, formerly known as Sonic Syndicate, have been developing music software applications since 1998, one of their main focuses being high quality soft synths.


DUNE is Synapse Audio's flagship VST Plug-In, primarily aimed at faithfully recreating hardware-type analog and digital synthesizer sounds. The new differential unison engine ('DUNE') furthermore allows for deep modulation, well beyond the capabilities of known synthesizers.

  • New technology: Differential Unison Engine
  • Subtractive/VA, FM and Wavetable Synthesis
  • Complex Modulation Matrix with self-modulation
  • Unique, innovative Arpeggiator with 7 programs
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions available, for both OS X and Windows


The EKS-9 is a synthesizer plug-in aimed specifically at creating electronic bassdrum sounds. Its virtual-analog engine offers a powerful sound well-suited for today's dance productions.

  • Synthesis of electronic bassdrum sounds
  • Sound parameters offer precise control of pitch, timbre and envelopes
  • Multiple virtual-analog models to choose from
  • Playable like a monophonic synthesizer


Hydra is a VSTi plug-in featuring multiple synthesis models. It can produce a variety of different sounds ranging from FM to subtractive sounds, thus making it applicable in many different music genres.

  • Easy-to-use interface, all controls directly accessible
  • Multiple Synthesis Models
  • 39 different oscillator waveforms
  • FX Section with chorus/delay and bass enhancement
  • All LFOs can be synced to the current tempo


The Poly-850 is a recreation of a digital-analog vintage synth from the '80s, with additional improvements over the original. The special oscillator concept, linear envelopes and global low-pass filter lead to characteristic sounds unique to this instrument and difficult to achieve with any other synthesizer.

  • Linear envelopes
  • 4 sub-oscillators per oscillator
  • Low-pass-filter affects all voices simultaneously
  • Modulation generator with 5 destinations
  • Chorus effect