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VirSyn Software Synthesizer

The German software house VirSyn, a leading developer of virtual synths and effects, is one of the head-start companies to provide plug-ins in the latest VST3 format by Steinberg.

BARK - The Multiband Filter

The multiband filter BARK is the first equalizer/compressor using the "critical bandwidth" paradigm. The ear behaves as if it contains a bank of filters, each filter passing frequencies within the critical band. Two tones separated by more than a critical bandwidth are received by the ear independently. BARK contains a filter bank with 27 bandpass filters matching the critical bandwidth for natural equalization. In fact, the human ear has also its own built-in compression system which is based on the critical bands. Consequently BARK incorporates an independent compression unit for each of its 27 bands.

  • 27 BARK band equalizer/compressor
  • Linear phase precision filters for maximal transparency
  • +24 / -48 dB gain change rate per band
  • VST3 surround operation with channel link/unlink
  • Real-time pre/post processing spectrum display

FDELAY - The Rhythmiser

FDELAY splits the spectrum in 27 frequency bands. Each band can be processed independently by a delay processor with tempo synced delay times. The delay time, amplitude and feedback parameters can be manipulated in real time and be automated by the host program. Easy to use meta parameters allows for quick manipulation of the rhythmical delay patterns.

  • Creates endless rhythmical variations of sound loops
  • Multiband real-time delay processor with feedback
  • Linear phase precision filters for maximal transparency
  • Musical arrangement of filter frequencies
  • Automatable delay times without glitches

MATRIX - The Voice Coder

The MATRIX Vocoder includes analog modelling 8-pole filters and extremely fast envelope followers for unprecedented resynthesis quality. Newly developed voiced/unvoiced detection and pitch extraction algorithms results in high intelligibility. The stereophonic synthesis filter bank preserve the spatial characteristic of the replacement signal. The Sidechain capabilities of the new VST3 Standard enables easy integration into your tracks.

  • 32-channel Filter Bank Vocoder
  • Stereophonic Synthesis
  • Voiced/Unvoiced Detection
  • Pitch tracking
  • Formant shifting / Pause filling

PRISM - The Pitch Designer

PRISM splits the spectrum in 27 bands and applies a different amount of frequency shifting to each band emulating a harmonic pitch shifting. This gives you perfect pitch shifting for all kind of drum sounds over a vast shifting range of +/- five octaves without disturbing the transients or introducing metallic distortions. With harmonic sounds you will get inharmonicities but it's much better behaved than pure frequency shifting.

  • 27-band real-time bode frequency shifter
  • Linear phase precision filters for maximal transparency
  • +/- 5 octaves frequency shift per band
  • Envelope follower/LFO controlled pitch modulation
  • Surround operation with VST3

REFLECT - The Algorithmic Reverb

REFLECT is an algorithmic reverberation plug-in which combines the flexibility of classic algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution-based reverbs. The creation of high-quality reverb needs a realistic simulation of the important early reflections together with a smooth and colorless reverberation tail. The resulting reverberation sets new standards in clarity and sense of space.

  • Import of early reflections from impulse response files
  • True Surround reverb up to 12 channels with VST3
  • 100+ factory reverb programs
  • 4-band equalizer
  • Smooth reverb tail generation

TDESIGN - The Transient Former

The Transient Former TDESIGN gives the user direct control over the attack and sustain characteristics of natural sounds. Unique to TDESIGN is the ability to shape the transient not only amplitude-wise but also with a dynamically controlled 24 dB low-pass filter with resonance control. This gives you the opportunity to change the sound in a way which normally is only possible if you recreate it with a synthesizer.

  • Attack amplification/attenuation
  • Sustain amplification/attenuation
  • Dynamic transient filtering
  • 24 dB lowpass with resonance
  • VST3 multi-channel capability

VTAPE - The Analog Tape Suite

VTAPE is a set of three plug-ins based on a thorough simulation of the famous sound of analog tape machines. The Saturator simulates the recording and playback on an analog tape mastering machine. The Delay combines this sound with a modern, step sequencer-like tapped delay engine. Finally, the Flanger simulates the legendary “tape flanging” effect happening with two tape machines running at slightly different speeds.

  • Realistic tape emulation
  • Tape saturation/compression
  • Authentic “ through zero” flanging
  • Modern tempo-synced delay with up to 16 taps per channel
  • Up to 12 channels with VST3