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Sequel 3


A fully loaded recording studio and performance tool together in one sleek piece of kit, Sequel 3 has the space you need to practice, produce  and perform music — in your bedroom, at friends, in the rehearsal room or even live at a club.


Just a few minutes will see you creating your own songs, even if you can’t play an instrument or don’t have any musical knowledge at all. Produce your own tracks in any musical style with over 5,000 outstanding loops and sounds. When more’s needed, expand your library with the many Sequel Content Sets you can buy and download immediately through the Steinberg Online Shop. And with the MediaBay browser you’ll find exactly the right sound or loop in just a few clicks. Preview sounds with your song playing and if it fits, just drag into the project.

The classy tools and latest technologies in Sequel 3 leave you to focus entirely on your creativity. The Beat Page is a dedicated area for meddling with beats, letting you create intricate rhythmical patterns through the perfect interaction between Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer. Thanks to the latest Virtual Studio Technology (VST), Sequel 3 also includes top-notch instruments and effects, such as HALion Sonic SE with over 500 workstation sounds and the VST Amp Rack SE guitar amp simulator.


Your own recording studio at your fingertips. Sequel 3 is the place where you can record and rearrange your vocals and instruments. Produce your song with your very own production style. Record MIDI and conventional instruments or your own vocals over and over again until you have the perfect take. Just switch to take mode and pick the part you like best from the list of recorded takes.

And with tempo tapping and detection, high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting, Sequel always stays in the right key and never gets thrown out of rhythm. No recording engineer is better than you and Sequel.


A real hit needs a pro mix. After laying down your tracks it’s time to do just this — make your mix sound punchy, polished and ready for radio. Sequel has a full mixer including equalization on each track and heaps of effects including ones used by pros in their own studios. Its neat user interface lets you move and copy parts to arrange your song and make it sound the way you want it to. With Step Envelopes, draw and edit volume, pan, pitch, decay and reverse in selected parts. You can also automate many of the mixing settings like like the whole song’s volume level —  just sit back and let Sequel do the work.


Want to surprise your friends at the next party with your own electro live-set? Sequel lets you play, rearrange, remix and record your music live, on stage or in a club. Just load up the 24 live performance pads with song sections and variations, and create your own song live. Click on a section or hit a key or button on a controller, loop it and fire off the next one.