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Advanced Integration of Steinberg Hardware

Designed especially for Cubase by Steinberg and Yamaha, and precision-manufactured by Yamaha to the most exacting standards, Steinberg's audio interfaces and controllers combine with Cubase to provide an all-round system solution of unparalleled flexibility and power.

MR816 CSX and MR816 X Advanced Integration DSP Studios

Experience a new level of integration with Cubase and the Steinberg audio hardware: all aspects of I/O setup and configuration, handling and routing are mirrored between Cubase and MR816 CSX and MR816 X.

  • True Integrated Monitoring
  • Complete Cubase user interface integration throughout
  • DSP power for Cubase
  • Quick connect and integration
  • Control Room — with no latency (available in Cubase 5 or higher only)

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UR28M, UR824 ans UR44 USB Audio Interfaces

The UR824 and the UR28M offer pristine, transparent audio quality, USB 2.0 connectivity alongside advanced technologies such as DSP-powered reverb and channel strip effects with zero-latency monitoring.

  • True Integrated Monitoring
  • Complete Cubase user interface integration throughout
  • DSP power for Cubase
  • Control Room — with no latency (available in Cubase 5 or higher only)

CI2  and CI2+ Advanced Integration USB Studios

Steinberg’s USB-powered audio interfaces, CI2 and CI2+, deliver a complete system solution for creating and recording music. Together with the included Steinberg software each unit in its own right covers a broad range of applications, be it in the studio, rehearsal room or on the go.

  • Interactive recording functionality allows hands-free recording
  • Ultra-precision AI controller knob: controls any Cubase, FX or VSTi parameter
  • Transport control functionality (CI2+ only)
  • Easy to use with the Project Assistant — especially for beginners
  • Two high quality mic preamps with +48V phantom power

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CC121 Advanced Integration Controller

Steinberg’s CC121 Advanced Integration Controller is a remote control device that was specifically designed for production environments using Cubase. CC121 provides totally integrated tactile control of all parameters within Cubase, with a unique design architecture that keeps you 100% focused on your Cubase project.

  • Full-precision control with the revolutionary AI Knob: controls any Cubase program parameter and any Cubase integrated FX and VSTi setting
  • Dedicated Cubase controls for the most important functions including a 100mm touch-sensitive motorized fader
  • Full Cubase EQ section in hardware including Q-factor, Frequency and Gain as well as EQ Type selector switch and Bypass button

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CMC Serie − Modular Controller System

The CMC series is the world’s first modular controller system for Cubase. Consisting of six unique USB controllers, CMC gives you all the control options you're looking for — along with utmost flexibility and great ease of use.

  • Six unique micro controllers perfectly tailored to Cubase users
  • Modular approach allows for flexible expansion
  • Most seamless Cubase integration ever seen
  • Innovative technology including high-resolution touch fader
  • Portable due to compact design and USB power


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