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Instruments & Effects

Instrument Library

Produced by renowned sound designing experts

The sound library in HALion and HALion Sonic features thousands of programs and 30 GB of custom-recorded samples. The quality can only be described as opulent: created in cooperation with the team behind Yamaha’s MOTIF workstations, the content combines dynamic expressiveness with superb-sounding instruments and exclusive sounds.

Multi-articulation instruments with VST Expression support

The extensive HALion and HALion Sonic library includes many acoustic instruments with multiple articulations, recreating dynamics and playing techniques such as legato, staccato and key release. With full support for the revolutionary VST Expression system, both instruments allow full and direct control over those articulations from within Cubase.

Integrated MediaBay sound management

The integrated MediaBay sound management system makes it a breeze to organize and find samples, layers and presets. With HALion and HALion Sonic, the vast included library is immediately accessible for searching, browsing, categorizing and tagging. Instant searching by typing keywords puts the entire 30 GB large library at your fingertips in a nanosecond.

VST Sound expandable

HALion and HALion Sonic both support expansion packs in Steinberg’s universal VST Sound format for even more creative options. Sound libraries from Steinberg and third-party manufacturers in VST Sound format can be directly accessed through the MediaBay, Steinberg’s ultra-fast media database.

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The instruments

The Raven grand piano

The Raven grand piano stands out with its compelling range of nuances, beautiful harmonic richness and a natural, precise and smooth playing feel that instantly convinces.

The Eagle grand piano

The Eagle grand piano impresses with its rich, transparent and brilliant sound suited not just for traditional classic, but also modern pop, rock and jazz productions.

Hot Brass

Hot Brass is a high-energy multi-sampled brass section library with a remarkably fat, tight and authentic sound best-suited for contemporary pop, funk, reggae and soul productions.

Studio Strings

Studio Strings delights with an out-of-the-box string ensemble sample library tailored for film scores, pop arrangements and live performances and combines great playability and vibrant sound.


Anima features two wavetable oscillators, a flexible modulation section and the powerful arpeggiator and comes with hundreds cutting-edge synth sounds for modern electronic productions.


Skylab combines granular synthesis with a vast sample library filled with analog circuitry sounds and futuristic textures for deep electronic projects and thrilling cinematic scores.


Housed within a sleek, ultra-modern interface, Trium is packed with features and options: this virtual analog synth has what it takes to become the centerpiece of your next production. Three multi-oscillators, additional sub, noise and ring oscillators, a great-sounding filter section and an powerful arp module mean that Trium is fully equipped and ready for action. An integrated modulation page puts all the most important sound-shaping parameters at your command, which is very handy considering that there’s so much functionality to explore within the compact interface.


Auron expands the sound spectrum with 160 granular synthesis presets for floaty pads, intriguing textures and fascinating new timbres. Yet Auron also gives you the creative freedom to fritter away hours designing new soundscapes; the interface is easy to navigate, yet that simplicity belies the extent of the creative power available. With its arpeggiator module, Auron also lets you generate patterns and phrases from the synth signals. Auron is a one-stop sound generator with the potential to add captivating new sounds to your productions.


Inspired by the world-famous analog synthesizers from yesteryear, Voltage adds the sonic range and monstrous power of true vintage style bass and offers lead sounds that exude the character and warmth that has inspired several generations of electronic musicians and producers. Whether played in monophonic or polyphonic mode, Voltage’s two oscillators feature connectible pulse-width modulation and a broad selection of wave shapes to bring that VA feel to your sounds: you can almost hear those virtual circuits crackle.

World Instruments

From West African balafons to Japanese shakuhachis, from Shona kalimbas to Turkish tamburs, there is a whole new world of instruments out there waiting to be discovered in the form of World Instruments. Widen your horizons with over 60 melodic instruments from all over the world, and try out the accompanying tuning options to get a feel for musical styles and instruments you might not have known before. If you’re looking to create dynamic and evocative soundscapes, try the fully fledged arp section for even more inspiration.

World Percussion

World Percussion invites you to discover percussion instruments from all over the globe: try the ashiko from sub-Saharan Africa, an Irish bodhrán or the South Indian ghatam. Play one of the incredibly diverse drum and percussion kits included. There are kits that focus on specific countries, such as Brazil or Turkey, and ones that feature sets of specific instruments such as whistles and tubes. MIDI phrases can be imported and exported, while performance parameters such as groove and sound-shaping options give you even more creative options.


HALiotron is a painstaking reconstruction of the analog technology that was behind the hallmark sound of some the greatest bands in music history. Pressing just one key on the HALiotron will instantly evoke a timeless sound associated with rock and pop bands and songs from the ’60s and ’70s, and which has seen a strong resurgence in the last few years. Yet HALiotron adds the many advantages of a digital music production environment, including filters, envelopes and an amp section.

Model C

A staggeringly authentic yet eminently useful tone-wheel organ emulation, Model C has the power to beguile and inspire thanks to a signature sound that’s been variously described as “smoky”, “punchy” or “silky”. Nine drawbars for the organ and three drawbars for percussion faithfully recreate the sound of an old drawbar organ (without the problem of where to put it). Model C also includes a highly realistic rotary effect as well as an amp section using emulations borrowed from Steinberg’s VST Amp effect.


B-Box is a classic step sequencer for beats and drum tracks: 16 steps, each with velocity control, and 13 instruments provide the tools for quick and easy beat production, while the integrated mixing section lets you tweak your sounds to perfection. Over 300 groove presets each with 6 patterns provide plenty of fodder should you need some inspiration. B-Box also offers integrated effects in the form of reverb and delay, while drag and drop of MIDI files allows easy transfer of patterns to Cubase.

HALion Sonic Combis

The new Combi library uses HALion Sonic’s unique layer architecture by bringing together all kinds of acoustic instruments and synthesis patches to beautifully rich sounds and multifaceted new instrument creations.

The effects


The innovative three-band Resonator allows formant-filtering for various tonal modifications for beautiful vocal, string and brass sounds.

Auto Filter

A next-generation sound-morphing machine, Auto Filter will take you on a journey through new soundscapes, driven by the LFO and Envelope Follower.

Tape Saturator

Warm up digital samples and recordings with Tape Saturator, an emulation of analog gear that can make the difference between sounding good and sounding great.

Ring Modulator

Ring Modulator creates new sonic worlds by multiplying two audio signals; its simple GUI belies the radically new sounds that are just a few clicks away.

Envelope Shaper

A powerful and useful tool, Envelope Shaper manipulates the transients of signals offering variable attack gain and length, as well as release gain.


The reworked rotor speaker cabinet effect has very powerful editing capabilities such as independent Lo/Hi cabinet control, overdrive and amp-simulation as well as slow/fast/stop modes.


This graphic equalizer comes with ten bands and features drawing of EQ curves, an invert parameter and three different response types. This EQ also provides a global range control to handle the overall amount of equalization.


This is a straightforward low-distortion limiter with auto-release. It puts a “hard ceiling” on any signal and is also suitable for the master stage.


This is a classic expander which also features auto-release and “live” mode for low-latency use.


This is a highly adjustable reverb plug-in for creating realistic room ambience and reverb effects in stereo formats. From short room reflections to cavern-sized reverb, this plug-in delivers high-quality reverberation and definitive early reflections.


This is a single stage chorus effect.


This is a powerful flanger with tempo sync mode and lots of parameters waiting to be tweaked.


This is a classic and custom vibrato effect with depth control, ideally for emulating the famous organ sounds.


This is an easy-to-use three-band parametric equalizer that resembles the EQs found on typical DJ mixers.

Brickwall Limiter

Brickwall Limiter ensures that the output level never exceeds a set limit.

Tube Compressor

This versatile compressor with integrated tube-simulation allows you to achieve smooth and warm compression effects. The VU meter shows the amount of gain reduction.

Frequency Shifter

This plug-in shifts each frequency of the input signal by a fixed amount 


VST Amp delivers fabulous guitar and bass tone, featuring stunningly authentic recreations of legendary amps and speaker models, mic types and positions.

Wah Wah

A faithful emulation of the best wah pedals, this simple yet flexible effect features parameters for frequency range, filter width and gain range.

Step Flanger

Step Flanger redefines the traditional flanger effect by adding a sample and hold section that subdivides the modulation signal into a definable number of steps.

Vintage Ensemble

This is an inspirational new take on a classic ensemble-type chorus effect. Vintage Ensemble adds a shimmer and sparkle to guitars, keyboards and other instruments.


A highly creative effect useful for treating all manner of audio material, the Octaver adds signals one and two octaves below the input signal.


This powerful and versatile equalizer offers full four-band parametric control with variable response as well as analog-style peak filters.


This is a classic compressor with auto release, auto make-up gain, hard/soft knee and RMS/Peak.


This is a flexible gate with independent attack, release and auto-release controls.


This is a guitar amp and speaker simulation which features 14 amp and tube emulations and ten cabinet models to choose from. Additional controls resemble a classic guitar combo, also very useful on bass, organ, e-pianos and synth sounds!


REVerence is a high-end convolution reverb processor, being capable of emulating sweet-sounding studios, theaters, rooms, halls and more. With its true-stereo convolution technology, REVerence combines pure usability and a wealth of creative options with outstanding sonic properties.


This is a classic tremolo effect with optional tempo sync, depth and phase controls.


This is a classic phaser with variable filter stage, phase modification and tempo sync.


MultiDelay is a powerful multi-stage delay effect with variable filter stage.

Tube Saturator

Tube Saturator enriches the sound by adding the characteristic harmonics of a saturated tube to the audio signal.


The maximizer raises the loudness of audio material without the risk of clipping.


VintageCompressor is modeled after vintage type compressors.


This plug-in expands the stereo width of (stereo) audio material.

...and many more!

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