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What you get

Retrologue 2 takes Steinberg’s acclaimed virtual analog synthesizer to a new level, adding many enhancements implemented in a way that are easy and intuitive to use.

New features

More power

Now offering three oscillators, Retrologue 2 also provides additional oscillator types and adjustable OSC trigger modes for even more creative power. Give your vintage synth sounds extra nuance and expressiveness with the 12 additional filter types, and select from the added distortion modes to add crunch or bite.

More modulation

Adding a completely new 32-step arpeggiator, two additional polyphonic LFOs, a third bipolar envelope and six additional slots in the Modulation Matrix, version 2 turns Retrologue into a veritable modulation powerhouse. Its drag and drop interface design, however, ensures that assigning modulation sources and targets takes only seconds.

More effects

Retrologue 2 introduces an FX section replete with five new effects, adding an energetic Phaser, a lush new algorithmic reverb, a precision four-band EQ, an innovative three-band resonator and the fascinating textures of Vintage Ensemble. All of these new FX modules can be freely routed on the dedicated FX page for unlimited creative freedom.

More presets

Get inspiration from over 400 new Retrologue 2 presets, all painstakingly designed by our expert sound design team. Exploiting the wealth of added sonic possibilities in Retrologue 2, the sounds add arpeggiated patterns, percussive drum sounds, powerful leads, sumptuous pads and rich basses.

Detailed overview


Retrologue 2 is more than a tribute to the classic analog heavyweights of the past. Packed into a straightforward interface, Retrologue brings back the sound of analog circuitry and vintage warmth, but with a modern twist. From raw analog lead and bass sounds to ephemeral, delicate pads and structures, dark drones and ultra-aggressive comps, Retrologue 2 is a stunningly powerful yet versatile subtractive synthesizer with loads of sonic personality and that is potentially highly addictive.

Oscillators, filters and amplifier

At the heart of Retrologue 2 are three rich-sounding VCOs with up to eight de-tunable voices alongside an additional sub oscillator and a noise generator. The polyphonic oscillators allow anything from basic synthesis waveforms over sync and cross modulation to complex XOR circuitries, pulse width and configurable ring modulations. With various retrigger modes, the phase of each oscillator can be manipulated to create an authentic analog feeling for cutting leads as well as punchy analog drum sounds.

The VCF section sports 24 filter shapes and five distortion modes. With hard-wired key follow and ADSR envelope modulation, the filter cutoff can instantly be controlled without any further setup. The VCA also comprises a hard-wired envelope shaper to adjust attack, decay, release times and sustain level.


Equipped with a full set of first-class effects, Retrologue 2 offers extensive possibilities to enhance your sounds. The included effects boast several modulation effects like phaser, flanger and chorus, a stereo delay, a warm algorithmic reverb and a razor-sharp four-band equalizer. Up to six effects can be implemented simultaneously and the freely configurable effect chain makes it easy to find the right combinations of processors for your sound.

Of particular note is the innovative three-band Resonator that allows formant-filtering for various tonal modifications for beautiful vocal, string and brass sounds. Equipped with 14 different filter configurations, the Resonator consists of three filters for low, mid and high bands that are arranged in parallel and can each be modulated by a dedicated LFO.


Retrologue 2 comprises a wide range of tools for modulating most of the parameters that can be found on the synth page. With two monophonic LFOs, two polyphonic LFOs and an additional bipolar envelope, Retrologue is well equipped for complex modulation setups.

The powerful modulation matrix lets you connect sources and destinations in seconds and makes it possible to keep an overview of even complex configurations at any time. On the synth page, modulations can also be set by dragging mod sources intuitively to the desired destinations.


The 32-step arpeggiator advances the concept of classic arps with extensive programming and modulation features. The arpeggiator offers all parameters for triggering, programming phrases and altering tempo, groove and swing in only a few clicks. Three additional controller lanes are available for quick and easy step modulation for oscillator and filter parameters. Of course the phrases of the arpeggiator can be recorded internally and exported to the DAW via drag and drop to make them accessible as editable MIDI events.

Additionally, the entire arpeggiator settings can be locked to keep phrases even when browsing presets.


Whether you are working on future trance, dark dubstep, classic house or up-to-the-minute pop productions, the Retrologue 2 library gives you some serious sounds to explore and tweak. 700 presets including soaring leads, deep sub-basses, chilled vocal pads and dark soundscapes showcase the versatility of this unique, characterful instrument.

The powerful trio of oscillators produces enough energy for stadium-sized anthems and growling bass lines; the arpeggiator will put your production in motion with classic step patterns, beautiful arp melodies and rhythmic modulations.

Thanks to the three-band resonator, Retrologue 2 also offers a range of vocal-like pads, tape strings and chorused brass sounds.

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