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Rupert Neve — Audio personality of the 20th century

Since the early days of audio recording and production, one name is inevitably linked with high-quality sound: Rupert Neve. During his remarkable career Neve developed legendary microphone preamplifiers, equalizers and large format mixing consoles, much of which is still in use today by the most discriminating professionals in the pro audio, film and broadcast industries.

Born as british national, Rupert Neve has spend most of his childhood time in South America. Interested in high-quality sound since his youth years, he took the chance to immerse into the fields of radio construction by beginning to study radio handbooks as well as repairing and selling radios during World War II. He began making recordings of choirs and concerts with his own mobile recording rig, utilizing self-made microphones and loudspeakers. In the 1950s Neve began working for a company specialized in manufacturing loudspeakers, but after a while felt limited by his superiors in his personal drive to develop a new loudspeaker concept. He then founded his own company, CQ Audio, to build loudspeakers based on bookcase enclosures, with which he has soon received great recognition.

In the 1960s he started designing and manufacturing the world’s first mixing consoles as well as the first series of transistor-based equalizers. As the demand grew, Neve moved the company into a larger facility. In the 1970s he started to develop the first fully functional “moving-fader” automated consoles, on which legendary producers such as George Martin relied. In the mid-1970s he sold his plants and founded ARN consultants, dealing with sound reinforcement and acoustics. He also initiated the “Cambridge Radio Course”. During the ‘70s and ‘80s several hundred men and women from round the world attended these courses.

In 1985, Rupert Neve founded Focusrite Ltd. and launched a new modern range of outboard equipment to meet the demands of the studios such as rack mounted equalizers and dynamics processors. In 1989, ARN Consultants entered into an agreement with Amek Systems to design a new range of consoles and outboard equipment. In 1994, Rupert and Evelyn Neve moved to Wimberley, Texas and after the turn of the millennium, ARN Consultants entered into a cooperation with Taylor Guitars, which led to the development of a revolutionary magnetic pickup construction called the Expression System. Since 2005, ARN Consultants L.L.C. is trading as Rupert Neve Designs, Inc. and has launched the Portico product range, a series of high-quality modular preamplifiers and analog audio processors, that have been awarded a TEC award and a PAR Excellence award.