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Steinberg Download Assistant

The Steinberg Download Assistant allows for secure and convenient downloads of updates as well as full installers including the latest program version.
Additional downloads of updates are not necessary when using full installers downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Currently, updates and full installers for the following programs are available via the Steinberg Download Assistant:

  • Absolute 2 (full installer only)
  • Absolute 3 (full installer only)
  • Cubase LE/AI/Elements/Artist/Pro 9.5
  • Dorico 1
  • Dorico Pro 2
  • Dorico Elements 2
  • HALion 6
  • HALion Sonic 3
  • Nuendo 8
  • The Grand 3
  • VST Connect Pro
  • WaveLab LE/Elements/Pro 9.5


Mac OS X 10.9 · 10.10 · 10.11 · macOS 10.12 · 10.13


Windows 7 · Windows 8 · Windows 10
Steinberg Download Assistant Steinberg Download Assistant

Please note:

  • Due to their size, full installers can cause very long download times.
    If you don't need a full installer and you just want to update an existing installation, please verify if an update installer is available on the corresponding download page.
  • The Steinberg Download Assistant does not need activation.
    However, any software downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant can only be used with a matching license.
  • The stated system requirements refer to the Steinberg Download Assistant.
    Any software downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant might have different requirements.