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Nuendo Time Base Driver

June 25th 2008

Mac OS X users please note:
This driver is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard).

PC Windows users please note:
This driver is the same version as provided on the Time Base installation CD.

Nuendo Time Base EPROM Update 1.4.0

November 4th 2005

  • Known technical issues have been resolved by an EPROM update. Please contact your national distributor for an EPROM replacement, they have these new EPROMs available.
  • You can replace the EPROM by yourself when you are technically skilled with such procedures. Please consult these instructions for the proper procedure. Please note: Doing the replacement on your own happens on your own risk and is not officially recommended by Steinberg.
  • For RedLight-Control we have released this document for details.

Nuendo Time Base Synchroniser Features and Specifications [577 KB]


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