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Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software

Done! You've provided all information that is relevant for reselling your product.

Your information

The information on the product you are planning to sell:

  • The software already has been registered with a MySteinberg account on
  • It is copy protected by an USB-eLicenser.
  • The USB-eLicenser is solely holding the licenses of the program you are planning to sell.

If you want to correct information please click on the "Back" button of your browser.

Required steps before selling

You only need to delete the registration of the USB-eLicenser from your MySteinberg account. This is quite easy.

  • Log in to your MySteinberg account.
  • On the page "My Products" switch from the 'Software' to the 'eLicensers' view.
  • Click on the entry of the USB-eLicenser that is holding the license you are planning to sell.
  • In the extended entry click on 'Delete registration'.
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on 'Continue'.

As soon as the deletion has been completed the program can be sold as unregistered software. The re-registration can be made by the new owner and does not differ from the registration of newly purchased Steinberg software.

Recommended scope of supply

A complete offer should include:

  • Installation Media

    • If you want to sell a boxed version, make sure to include the original installation disk(s) (CD, DVD).
    • If you want to sell a product you've received as download (for example, via Download Access Code or by purchasing online), you need to provide the buyer with a backup of the installation file on CD, DVD or, for example, on a USB flash drive.
    • In case you don't have a CD, DVD or a downloaded installer, please contact our support team before offering the product for sale.

  • Important: unregistered USB-eLicenser holding the corresponding license!
  • manual(s)
  • original box