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Compatibility and interchangeability of project files

This article lists the current status of compatibility and interchangeability of project files between different Sequel, Cubase and Nuendo versions.

Please note that even though compatibility appears to be given, it can always be that a certain plug-in or setting can prevent a project from being loaded into an older host or an entry level application. Some of the known restrictions and errors are listed further down this article.

The table below helps you to check which applications are able to open projects of another. The left column is your used application while the top most row determines from which version your project file comes from.

General notes

  • Of course you can also exchange projects between Mac OS X and PC Windows systems. 
  • Settings of functions or areas of the program which are not available in the used application will usually be discarded or cannot be edited.

Sequencer 6 and 7 related

  • Nuendo 6 / Cubase 7 project containing a chord track cannot be loaded if the chord track is the first track in the track list. Nuendo 5.5 / Cubase 6.x will report “This Project was created in a newer Version of Nuendo/Cubase...” then. Move the track to a different position and save the project again.
  • Nuendo only: If the loudness track is the first track of a Nuendo 6 project, Nuendo 5.5 will load the project but all following tracks are "Inactive" (greyed out) after loading it in Nuendo 5.5.
  • Channel EQ settings (respectively the EQ settings which are part of the Channel Strip) saved in Nuendo 6 / Cubase 7 projects will have a flat EQ curve in Nuendo 5.5 / Cubase 6.x. EQ automation data will be ignored (the automation lanes are greyed out).
  • Window sizes of the entirely new MixConsole in Nuendo 6 / Cubase 7 will not adapt to the old Mixer window sizes in Nuendo 5.5/Cubase 6.x.
  • The channel EQ in Nuendo 6 and Cubase 7 has been newly developed and is technically not the same EQ as in previous versions anymore. We have taken care to make sure that EQ settings saved in projects of previous versions are correctly translated to the new EQ to retain the same perceived sound as best as possible. However, when loading projects saved in a previous version into Nuendo 6 / Cubase 7 you may notice minor variances of the Q-Factor value for all EQ bands, especially evident when using the “Parametric I” filter. In this case the sound of the playback, dependent of the audio material on which such EQ band filters are applied, can be more or less noticeably different and may require re-adjusting the Q-Factor on affected channels.

Sequencer 4 and 5 related

  • Please keep in mind that we do not provide downward compatibility officially, e.g. loading a Nuendo 4 or Cubase 4 project into an older program version is at your own risk! The same applies to Sequel 2 projects.
  • For exchanging e.g. projects created in Nuendo 4 / Cubase 4 to be loaded into Cubase Studio 4, please note that Cubase 4 uses a new channel EQ which is not available in Cubase Studio 4! The mix of a Cubase 4 project can sound different after being loaded into Cubase Studio 4.
  • Nuendo 5 projects can be opened in Nuendo 4.3. If the SurroundPanner V5 is used the panning will not be compatible with Nuendo 4.3.
    Additionally Nuendo 5 uses Unicode, therefore special characters might no be displayed properly in Nuendo 4.3.
  • Loading projects of the full version into a smaller variant, settings may be lost affecting the overall mix result. For instance, inserts slot may be removed when loading a Cubase 6 project into Cubase Artist 6.
    Single Note Access edits are not taken into consideration but wil be kept. Supernumerous audio and instrument tracks will be loaded but cannot be edited.
  • Loading Cubase projects into Nuendo 4 without the NEK installed is possible. Cubase specific data will be processed but can not be edited though. If it's important for you to regularly exchange and edit Cubase projects in Nuendo 4 we recommend installing the Nuendo Expansion Kit
  • Sequel projects can be loaded directly into Nuendo 4, Cubase 4 and Cubase Studio 4. Sequel, respectively its content, has to be installed on the used system. For Nuendo 4 we recommend to have the Nuendo Expansion Kit installed in order to hear the playback of Instrument Tracks contained within Sequel projects.
  • As a last tip please save projects, which have been created with an older version of the application, with a new name instead of overwriting it. This way you keep the original file – just in case.

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