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Configure outputs for VST instruments

Cubase 4 puts an end to the flood of displayed output channels of VST instruments in the mixer!

A new function in the VST Instruments rack of all Cubase 4 variants allows to enable and disable the mixer channels of VST Instrument outputs. To access this function see the red encircled area in the screenshot. 

If you load a VST into the rack, only the first output channel is enabled by default. You can add further channels by checking desired outputs in the list. Each checkmarked output will be displayed in the mixer.

Please note:

  • Disabling an output does not affect the amount of avaiable channles inside a plug-in. Programs, which are routed to an disabled output will not be played back!
  • Certain VST Instruments are using multiple outputs for the sound creation (e.g. Xphraze). If you are wondering about missing elements of a sound program, make sure that all required channels are enabled in the VST rack.
  • For some VST instruments it does not make sense to restrict the number of enabled outputs at all. For example, many HALion Symphonic Orchestra programs make use of different outputs by default. In such cases it is recommended to simply enable all outputs.

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